Stationary I Use For Content Planning

There is something, I think, that’s really stylish and a little bit chic about black and gold together. It’s a very on trend pairing at the moment so what better than to feature this pattern on my spring stationary. I go through notebooks like you wouldn’t believe jotting down ideas for blogs and social media content and I like to have something with me at all times. I’ve loved using these little gems available from Neon Sheep. ( – #AD – I received the notebooks below and pen in exchange for this feature)

I am loving the gold pen with the crown on top in particular, it’s lovely to write with and looks fabulous. The night thoughts diary is particularly useful for keeping on the bedside cabinet in the evening and writing down any snippets of inspiration. I know some people prefer using digital ways of recording and planning their content but there’s something really creative to me about mapping it all out in pen first and I like having a pretty notebook to get it all out in.

I’m using this alongside my marketing planner from The Girls Mean Business which is so pretty and colourful, for the year which I’m really loving. It’s pretty, has everything I need and gives me plenty to work on and track. I just like to keep my ideas and brainstorming separate so I can get all my ideas down together which often go off on a tangent.

Alongside this I do have an online content planner which has all sorts of useful things such as relevant days, awareness months and a few points about the type of content people are engaging with. I’ve found this really helpful to map out my future content. I find this useful for inspiration and planning out how I can utilise existing content and growing views and promoting older posts.

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