Stop Those Stomach Cramps

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Are you a regular sufferer of stomach cramps? Stomach pain if often a digestive problem – it could be anything from a food allergy to constipation to indigestion – however it can also be the result of other causes such as menstruation or appendicitis. Such pain can often be uncomfortable and could make it difficult to stand up without wanting to crouch over. If you’re looking for a way to ease your stomach pain, why not try some of these tricks.

Remove triggers

When it comes to the likes of IBS, food poisoning and food intolerance, pains are often the result of trigger foods. Alcohol, caffeine, dairy, spicy foods and processed foods can all be triggers. If you’re not sure of the individual cause, you’re best sticking to the ‘bland diet’. As the name suggests, this diet isn’t very exciting and consists of low fiber, low PH, mildly seasoned foods such as plain rice, peas, carrots, skinless chicken and eggs. Bread and pasta are also a good choice, unless you’re allergic to gluten in which they will be triggers.

Try herbal remedies

Various herbal remedies can ease stomach pain. Ginger, chamomile and peppermint are popular herbal remedies against stomach pain and are often consumed as a tea. There are also chewable herbal tablets available from companies such as Planetary Herbals that could be worth taken.

Take over-the-counter medication

Over-the-counter medication could also help to relieve stomach pain. Such medication is usually used to target specific types of stomach pain. In the case of pains from constipation, you’d probably want to take a medicine such as Laxido – you can read this article about how Laxido works. In the case of menstrual pains, you may be best sticking to a general painkiller such as Ibuprofen. Make sure to always read the conditions and side effects before using medication as some drugs may not be suitable if you have certain conditions.

Take a hot bath

Hot water is an easy and effective form of pain relief. Doctors even recommend taking a bath during labour to deal with labour pains. This is because the hot water stimulates all out nerve endings, flooding our body full of feelgood endorphins which can help to fight off pain. The buoyancy of water can also relax muscles, including deep internal muscles. If you don’t have time for a bath, hot pads can be another suitable option.

Avoid tight clothing around the waist

Now is not the time to wear Spanx or a tight belt. Try to keep clothing around your stomach loose so that you’re not causing more stress on this area. Opting for high waisted loose pants could be a wise option.

Know when to see a doctor

When it comes to severe abdominal pain, you should always see a doctor. The pain could be the result of an ulcer, a cyst or an infection, which could require more specific treatment. If you lose interest in food or start vomiting or having diarrhoea inexplicably, this is also a good reason to see a doctor. Other symptoms that deserve a doctor’s visit include blood in stools, severe sudden pain or a stomach ache with a fever.

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