The Modern Marriage

#TheModernMarriage – What does Marriage Really Mean Today?

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When I was around 7, my parents divorced. It was pretty uncommon when I was still that young but it happened. Most of my friends parents were still together, most of my family were still together. I was shocked and it kind of stopped my belief that marriage is forever. In fact now, I’m here at 28 years old with a child, never married and not with her father but in a happy, committed and loving long term relationship. I have a lot of friends who have been single parents, second time marriages or are going through divorces. #TheModernMarriage really does look into all the different styles of families we have in today’s society.

I’ve never really seen marriage as a romantic notion. Perhaps that’s because of my parents divorce. I do like the idea of marriage and I want to be a married women…one day…but not because I hold traditional values but honestly because I feel I just want that partnership. I also see marriage as a way of gaining tax relief and an easier way of getting a mortgage. I see marriage as a contract between two people to agree that they will create a life together, live in compromise and reduce a bit of the general stress on life with each other.

I know Adam and I will be a great partnership, because we already are. Traditions these days are so different to how they used to be. We’ve been living together for four years, raising a family together and sharing in the household finances. Isn’t that really what a marriage is all about? When we do decide to get married it won’t be a big affair, I’ll be looking to do something quick, easy and simple. I’ll be looking to create a lovely day full of happy memories for us but I won’t be going all out. We are both opposed to religious ceremonies and spending a lot of money because to us, it just isn’t practical. I also think that as we’ve lived and been together for quite a while, there won’t be any suprises after we’re married. We’ve already got to know each other’s bad habits, we’ve had the arguments and we’ve made hard decisions together. We are already a partnership and marriage won’t change that but I do think it will make us feel like a stronger family unit.

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Here comes the stats…

Slater & Gordon recently carried out a survey to find out what the modern face of marriage really is and the results are in…

  • 69% of people believe the biggest benefit to marriage is the commitment to a relationship…

  • …whilst 42% see increased financial security as the main benefit.

  • 53% of those surveyed believe they would (or did) choose a civil ceremony as opposed to a religious one.

  • Out of all those surveyed, 54% of people have experienced a close family member getting divorced.

  • 23% of people have been divorced themselves.

  • 69% of people believe there is less pressure to get married compared to 10 years ago.



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