Things you have to consider when buying a new mattress

There are so many things you need to know about mattresses; buying one isn’t a simple purchase as many people make it be.

Numerous factors have to be considered from size to price, firmness and so on. Only when you mix all these elements together can you find a mattress that will suit you perfectly.

Although there are numerous online reviews that can help you out, you also have to have some basic knowledge of the product. That way, you can make a better, more educated purchase.

So, without further ado, make sure to check our tips!

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  • Size

Size is first and the most important thing you need to consider when buying a mattress. Are you living alone? Do you have a partner? Perhaps children? All these things have to be considered as they will impact the decision. When it comes to size, you can choose between 6 different sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King. While getting a bigger mattress may seem ideal, make sure to find the one that will fit the basis of the bed.

  • Density

Density or thickness shows you how “tall” a mattress is. The standard measure is 10 inches but you can also find ones that are 5 or 15 inches tall. When considering density, you will have to consider your body type. Bigger people will find thicker mattresses better for their body while lighter would prefer less thick.

  • Durability

Simply put, durability tells you how long a mattress will last. While most of them can last up to 10 years, some of them will last longer while others will last less than that; it usually depends on the material being used. Anyway, durability is important in the sense that it will increase your costs over time and will force you to buy a new mattress sooner.

  • Firmness

When it comes to mattress firmness, you can buy very soft, soft, firm and very firm product. Firmness is a factor that is mainly determined by your sleeping position. If you’re sleeping on your side, you will have to purchase a mattress with certain firmness; if you’re sleeping on your back, you’ll have to buy something else and so on.

  • Support

Support is mattresses’ ability to provide a stable surface that will help you sleep easily at night. The surface has to be flat, supportive and to allow your back to properly relax. Keep in mind that even if you buy a product with good support, it will deteriorate over time so make sure to keep your eye on this. Needless to say, this is very important for people who have a bad back.

  • Weight

While the weight of the mattress isn’t a big factor, it is still something that needs to be considered. Weight depends on the material being used. Some of them will be lighter while others will be heavier. The most important reason for getting a lighter mattress is because you can flip it more easily but then again, it depends on how often you change its sides.

  • Heating up

Some mattress types are notorious for their ability to heat up. For example, memory foam is very problematic in that sense and will get very warm during the night. If you’re a light sleeper or you simply don’t like too much warmth, this can easily wake you up and make all sorts of issues in the future. So, make sure to check online mattress guides and buy an item that doesn’t heat up so quickly.

  • Odor and noise distribution

When it comes to odors, new mattresses are completely odorless. However, over time, they start to accumulate various odors. Make sure to find a product that doesn’t absorb smells as much. When it comes to noise, there are certain types of products such as airbeds that can be rather noisy. Consult a salesman or a website before purchasing your new mattress.

With all these tips, you will make the best out of your money.

Although there is a lot to take it, if you properly do research and take your time, you will find just the item to suit your needs. Hope that this article has helped with that!

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