a blue pillow with an oscar wilde quote and blue starry notebook photographed together for an unboxing blog post of the fairyloot book box

unboxing january’s fairyloot book box

the january fairyloot book box was themed with moon and stars and i love it! it’s my first fairyloot book box which is a uk based subscription sharing new young adult fantasy inspired fiction and bookish merchandise. i did an unboxing video of my first box below.

subscribing to fairyloot book box

as you can see from the video above the fairyloot book box has all the goodies inside a pretty black box with the fairy logo on the front. the box costs around £34 including shipping. this is a month by month subscription service which is charged on 1st month. you can also subscribe with a 3 or 6 month plan which can save a bit of money as you pay upfront. occassionally past boxes go on sale too.

being a fairyloot book box subscriber also gets you early access to special and collectors edition books throughout the year as well as limited edition book boxes that fairyloot make alongside big releases. i’ve got a box coming in march dedicated to the new cassandra clark book chain of gold which is themed around the new book alongside special edition lisenced merchandise approved by the author.

unboxing the moon and starts fairyloot book box

the january fairyloot book box was themed with moon and stars and had some really beautiful items.

each month there is a themed print/art card and book mark which i absolutely love. alongside that there are various themed items and a special edition book. fairyloot also hold a readalong so you can read and discuss the book of the month together which i absolutely loved taking part in.

the book for the january fairyloot book box was a special edition of woven in moonlight by isabel ibanez and has a seperate dust cover with extra illustrations and is signed by the author too. i really enjoyed reading this book with it’s mixture of magic and bolivian politics. the fiesty llama was a favourite character of mine!

as you can see from the video and photo’s above the book contains some lovely bookish merchandise including tarot cards based on book characters, a necklace, keychain, trinket tray, pillow case, notebook, stickers and a letter from the author.

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