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Using Social Media To Grow Your Online Business

Growing a business online and creating a strong social media presence is so vital in this day and age. A huge amount of business is now conducted online only through e-commerce shops, sites, social media selling groups and network marketing professionals. It’s really key that, as a business owner that is looking to grow their network and customer base that you find the right way to do this online.

Produce Unique Content

I can not stress this enough. Copy paste adverts only do so much and they absolutely do not work for every person that is trying to sell online. If you want more customers then you need to find a way to connect with them. I always recommend that you create your own advert, especially if you’re selling online through social media selling pages. Buyers want to see unique, interesting, punchy and informative content that is going to show your product in the absolute best light. As a business owner you should be looking for ways to stand out from your competitors and show that you have something worth showcasing. As an individual selling online, people buy from people so it is important to be as authentic as you possibly can.

Do Not Spam

This is absolutely key. No one likes, or wants, spam and follows on nicely from the above and copy paste content. Copy paste content is constantly being flagged across social media as people that get frustrated with seeing the same thing all the time do report it. If you come across as a spammy business profile then you are likely to be unfollowed, muted, deleted or blocked. No business wants a red flag against their name online and saying the same thing repeatedly, copy pasting messages or just not being professional can really damage your reputation online. People do talk, and they are quicker to spread bad news than good.

Maintain a Positive Social Media Presence

People love a colourful, bright, supportive and positive feed. It brings people in. I can’t lie, if I see an attractive stand, cute pictures, creative images then I am instantly drawn in regardless of the product that’s on show. I want to see bright, vibrant, unique images that really showcase what’s available. Social media is a fantastic way to reach new people and should be used often. Maintaining a positive social media presence is key and should be a strong part of the day. This, again, doesn’t mean spamming your feeds with your product but instead creating unique and shareable content that draws people in and, more importantly, gets people to engage with your pages. The only way you will reach new people is if you maintain a positive feed with strong engagement. Today, big followers mean nothing if you don’t engage with your audience and they need to respond. Once you’ve started building a name for yourself, especially as a networking professional, keep the negativity, pessimism and drama away from the online world – unless of course, you’re a blogger and you are known to have a good rant! But that is beside the point. When it comes to your business you need to be alert, excited and positive at all times.

Make Use of Photo and Video

Showcasing photos of you with your products helps to increase confidence. If you’re working with customers always be happy to share their photographs – with their permission of course and full credit to them – with a personal testimonial or review. Video is also becoming a really popular way to connect with your audience. Showing tutorials using the products, a live Q & A with product experts or even getting on the live applications yourself and demonstrating products has really opened the door to doing business through social media. It’s a great way to sell yourself and allow your audience to really get to know the face behind the brand or product.

Build Relationships With Your Followers

As a blogger there is nothing I love more than finding a brand I love and engaging with them. I love building up that working relationship with a new brand and getting to know the company. If your followers are liking your pictures, give them a follow and like their pictures too, don’t be afraid to send a message asking what they like about your brand, you’ll get some good, old fashioned honest feedback, for free, and potentially a new buyer who will be flattered you took the time out to think of them. It’s so important to value your followers voice, opinions and feedback so always be prepared for some criticism and take it on the chin with a smile. As a sole business owner, especially one that works from home or online exclusivily, building relationships is the social part of your day and should be done in a professional manner. You need to genuinely love the demographic you’re looking to sell to, or they just won’t pay any attention.

Do you work online? How do you market your business?


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