What Can Your Child Do With A Sports And Exercise Degree?


There are so many different University degrees for children to consider today. One that splits opinion is a sports and exercise degree. While there are a lot of parents who would be more than happy for their child to go down this path, there were some parents who are a bit sceptical because they wonder what sort of career this could lead to. While it is always critical to consider where your education is going to take you, there is no denying that there are lots of careers in sports and fitness today and, therefore, you do not need to worry about your child chasing a hobby that is not fruitful. With that being said, in this guide we are going to take a look at what your child could do it with such a degree. You will then be able to talk to your child and decipher whether this is the sort of career that they would be happy with or not.

The degree itself: A quick look

So, what is a sports science degree? This is a university course that will provide an exceptional basis for which an individual can build on for a career in the sports sector. This degree will also give your child skills that can be transferred into business and management roles.

The career opportunities: What sort of job could this lead to?

In terms of the job options that are available, there are a number of different jobs that directly relate to this degree. You can become a personal trainer, as well as a sports therapist, a sports development officer, a sports coach, a sports administrator, a secondary school teacher, a personal trainer, that are available, there are a number of different jobs that directly relate to this degree.

There are also a number of other career paths that do not directly relate to a sports and exercise degree however such a degree would prove useful. This includes the likes of becoming a sports and exercise psychologist, education and outdoor activities manager, higher education lecturer, health promotion specialist, and an event manager.

It is important to recognise that this is not an exclusive list. There are employers that will accept graduates applications within a wide range of degree subjects so you should not assume that your child is going to be restricted to the jobs that have been listed here alone.

What about work experience?

While attaining a degree is important in many careers today, there is no denying that work experience is also valued very highly. This is especially the case when it comes to sports related careers. It is therefore important for your child to search for opportunities that match the career path that he or she would like to go into. For example, if your child is interested in coaching then he or she should look into the opportunity of sports volunteering. On the other hand, if your child would like to teach PE, getting work experience in a school will be very helpful. There are other work experience opportunities to consider too. This includes working part-time in a leisure centre, weather in the marketing or the admin side, as well as pool attendant work and fitness instruction work experience. You can also gain exceptional experience by working in outdoor pursuit activities, in health promotion with local communities, and in the sports section of a children’s summer holiday scheme.

Who could your child work for? What sort of businesses provide opportunities?

The next thing you need to do is considered to sort of employees that are offering jobs in this area. This is important so that your child can understand the thought of companies that he or she will have the opportunity to work for if they move forward with this career path. Jobs are available at diverse range of organisations across all sectors. This means not-for-profit sectors, private sectors, and public sectors.

Some of the most common employers are those in the health sector, including the NHS, as well as schools, local authorities, private health and fitness clubs, recreation facilities, public sports centres, and spas. Other employers include governing bodies, national sporting associations, other related sporting agencies, and professional sports clubs. There is also the opportunity to set up your own business or consultancy once you have graduated.

The skills your child is going to be able to add to his or her CV

You will also want to know what sort of skills your child will develop by pursuing a career in sports and exercise. A degree in this area of education will give your child a thorough understanding of sports performance as well as the different factors that have an impact on behaviour in sport. Your child will gain subject specific knowledge in areas such as nutrition, biomechanics, psychology, and physiology.

Not only will your child develop a number of skills that can be useful in sport but they will also learn skills that can be transferred to lots of different career areas. This includes a good understanding of information technology, professionalism and customer focused, effective problem-solving, time management and planning, written communication skills, oral and presentation communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team or on their own, and research and data analysis full stop

What are sports science and exercise graduates doing today?

There are also statistics available regarding what happens to sport science graduates once they have left university. This research has been provided by Prospects. They have revealed that in the UK, six months after graduation, 61% of sports graduates are employed in roles that include sports coaching, sports instructors, and officials. In addition to this, 23.2% moving to further studying while 8.8% are still studying and working full stop only 3.4% are unemployed comma and an additional 3.6% fall into the category entitled other. In terms of the type of work that sports graduates moving to, 44.7% fall into the other category as well. However, 25.3% or technicians or other professionals. 14.5% moving to retail, catering and bar work. There are then 7.8% that moving to education, health, and child care work, and a further 7.7% who become education professionals.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding what is required 2 be successful in sports science and exercise. You should also have a better understanding regarding what sort of career your child can have if he or she decides to go down this route with their education. A lot of parents worry that sport and exercise is a very limiting degree and that their child is not going to have much chance of securing a job once he or she leaves university. However, as you can see, there are lots of different job opportunities within the Field of sports itself and your child will also develop a number of different skills that are transferable and can be moved into different career areas if he or she decides that ultimately sports is not for them

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