What We Did In March

March: The Month of Snow

To be honest, we didn’t do a lot, because of the snow. There were school closures, late openings, college closures for Adam…I won’t risk going out in the snow for fear of falling over and being pregnant I’m just really cautious of anything doing me a bit of harm. The month has been long although it feels like we’ve sped towards the two week Easter break. I always like this two week break between the Spring and Summer terms because its a nice bit of rest. I never really know what to do with them though other than turn the alarm off. We aren’t really ones for celebrating Easter to be honest, it’s just a day where the shops are closed. I don’t cook a big meal, I buy Evie one Easter egg and rather than do a fun hunt around the flat I just give it to her with the ones she’s got from family. I might get her a magazine because nothing will be open and it’s always really boring. On the plus side, Adam always has the Sunday before a bank holiday off so we can make use of our time together which is always nice. Even with Easter Sunday falling on April Fool’s Day I still can’t really be bothered with it all.

Our Easter Break started on the Thursday before Good Friday so we still have the whole two weeks to make the most of. Evie will be with her dad for half of the time so we are planning a visit to the Hawk Trust with Adam’s mum. We always enjoy going there, hopefully the rain will hold off although there is always a risk of April showers…Adam is also off from college for two weeks and plans to spend his free time getting his personal project together which is his big assignment to finish his Access course. I can’t believe he’s nearly finished the whirlwind year of college! He’s got his student finance letter back and accepted the offer from his first choice University so all being well and he passes the course it will be the start of a three year degree in September. I’m so proud of him. He’s had a real mix of passes, merits and distinctions throughout his exams and assignments so far so I am confident he will have enough UCAS points. The good thing about doing an Access course is you don’t have to wait until August to find out your final marks which means he is able to keep track.

Evie is, kind of unknowing to her, doing her Year 2 SATS next month. We haven’t talked about it and we won’t be revising for them. We hardly do the homework as it is because we just don’t have the time for it although I do want to get in more of a routine of fitting it all in. Sometimes it really shocks me with how much homework, spelling and reading she comes home with. What makes it more frustrating is she can never remember doing it at school and I never know how to explain some of the stuff so all it does it cause arguments, tears and frustration from all parties involved. I’m not really worried though, she’s seven, and both Adam and I know school isn’t everything. Especially when I came out with decent grades without doing any revision and Adam still has the opportunity to go on to University because of an Access course. Let kids be kids, let them play and be creative rather than focus on stupid tests and statistics. I watched someone recently explain that throughout school kids are basically taught short term memory tests and if you’re not very skilled in that area, school isn’t going to do you very well. Being out in the real world now I’ve learned so much more than I ever did at school. Life skills, banking, patience from dealing with customers, how to manage a budget, how to cook, clean and take care of kids, how to write CV’s and how to interview well – none of which I learned in school. Anyway…I digress…

I obviously announced I am pregnant with my second baby and we are well into the second trimester now. I have my 16 week appointment with the midwife coming up and we’ve hired a Doula. I have an obstetrician appointment in June to “look forward to” (I’m not) and our 20 week scan next month. I am so hoping we will find out the gender and the baby is in a good position for the sonographer to see. We’ve booked a holiday back to the Isle of Wight for July which I’m really looking forward to! I will be around 30 weeks pregnant when we go so hopefully still able to get out and about and enjoy our time away. I’ve started Aquafit again too now I’m feeling a little more energetic which I’m really enjoying.

We didn’t see a lot of this beautiful puppy. She’s a massive bear now. We are probably going to be looking after her for a week in September when my parents go on holiday (we were supposed to go but…pregnant) Evie also loved meeting this small dog when my sister came up from Bristol for a couple of hours and came with me to pick her up from school.

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