When You Get Locked Out of Your Home

This is a collaborative post.

I’m actually surprised I haven’t been locked out of my current home as I always rely on Adam to bring the keys. I am forever misplacing my keys and usually at the last minute spend ages looking for them and finding them in really obscure places. Just the other week we had a small panic as we were heading out and Adam came down last with the rubbish asking if I had my keys as he had left his inside. Knowing that I rarely have mine on me he was a little frantic but thankfully on this occassion I actually had mine and all was fine.

I suppose we are quite lucky that in the event of getting locked out we live in a block of flats so there is a communal area to keep dry, be it cold. I also know two of my neighbours who may let us sit in and wait for either Adam to come home or a locksmith. Adam is now very close to home for work and could get home quickly although it’s unlikely I’ll be out the home the times he is working. If he was at University I have friends and families I could sit and wait until Adam came home, hopefully with his keys.

The worrying thing is when we both forget our keys and we’re locked out having to rely on a locksmith to come and let us in. As we live in a council flat if it were to happen Monday to Friday we would be able to contact the Housing Association who have a master key for each residence. It’s the more emergency with two kids out of ours time we would need a locksmith which I know would be down to us to foot the bill. Perhaps that would be more of an incentive to try and remember to take my keys everywhere I go when I leave the house? However, there’s then the case of losing them outside the house which is why I suppose most people have a spare set of keys with a family or friend or in a safe place just in case.

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