Why Are Pull Along Toys Similar to Having a Dog

We’ve all heard how dogs are man’s best friends. They allow a mix of germs to enter the household to actually strengthen our bodies and immune systems. They also help our kids to be active and stay that way. But there is something else that helps growing children in a similar manner: pull along toys.

Kids are Naturally Eager

If you know anything about kids, you’d know how energetic and curious they are. Everything around them is a learning opportunity. And they won’t hesitate to grasp that opportunity. They want stimulation and that’s why there are a number of toys for them to play with. These toys are learning opportunities and allow the children to stay mentally and physically active. Toys proliferate learning and allow kids to develop different gross and fine motor skills.

A dog can help them develop these skills, but it will be difficult to manage. Plus, you’d have to care additionally for the dog which the kids may not be able to do on their own. This is why pull along toys in the shape of a dog can provide the much-needed stimulation without the need to care for a living being.

Kids Can Benefit from Dogs When They Are Older and More Mature

When you’re older and more mature, you’ve developed yourself to the point where you can take care of another living being. Dogs are of mutual benefit to you as an adult as they help you curb depressive and bad thoughts and you can keep them happy by playing with them.

A child on the other hand, who hasn’t properly developed their eye muscles, motor skills and hand eye coordination, may not be as greatly benefitted from having a dog outright. They still need to develop their immune systems and their bodies to be able to play with a dog. This is where a pull along dog from www.goodtoplay.com can help your infant.

Pull Along Toys are Just as Good as Dogs

These toys work just as well as dogs and are available in different style and designs. Wooden pull along toys made to look like dogs, and furnished well, come with detachable strings. When your child holds the string, it strengthens their motor skills and fine tunes them. The wheels on the bottom of the wooden animal move along behind your infant, even as they crawl.

You can monitor the progress of your child and keep them from venturing into dangerous territory. The detachable string can be kept away from your toddler. The wheels at the bottom of the toys can be turned independently allowing your child to explore moving parts and develop their motor skills.

The focus of development for small children is different and your dog may not be the best option for an infant of less than a year old.

You can allow your child to develop and be more confident when they play with push and pull along toys. They can grasp, feel and move with the toys to get their fair share of play-exercise in order to be healthier. A push and pull along toy can be just as good as a dog to a certain age for your children.

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