Why I Will Never Join A Slimming Club Again

In short; because they’re toxic and damaging and I never, ever want to put myself through that kind of misery ever again. But there is so much more to it than that. I will be sharing more of my body positive, self love, strength gaining progress on another blog as I feel it deserves more space than what this blog can give it. You can read more about why I’m saying Goodbye to scales and find other resources there too.

Recently you may have noticed on my blog and social media that I’m stepping away from talking about loosing weight and being thin and slimming clubs and all kinds of things weight loss and health related. That’s because I am sick of feeling like a complete failure and have accepted that I am so much more than what I weigh.

spicy veggie wraps and lime wedges. It looks good enough to eat.
Adding lots of colour to food makes it look so much more appealing

I don’t want or need to be thin

You see I have no desire to be thin at all. I never have done. When I really sat down and thought about it I have no interest in being a size 8 or even a 10, 12 or 14. I have no interest in weighing myself on the scales ever again. I have no interest in feeling unwell because I’ve been starving myself. I do not want to spend the rest of my life counting calories, adding up syns (that have no nutritional backing by the way) focusing on what macros I’m allowed and if I’ve had enough protein. I’m sick of saying I can’t have what I want to eat because I’ve been dragged down by a fatphobic society.

Getting stronger without restriction

Instead of shrinking myself I am going to focus on making myself so strong. I am going to find ways of moving that I love, be it dancing with my kids, swimming in a bikini or learning to lift weights – because it’s bloody exhilirating. I said I wanted my word of the year to be more and I want to focus on more ways to cook delicious, fufilling meals for myself and my family. I want to find more flavours of food that I love. I want to read more books by inspiring, interesting, diverse women that have said a big F you to diet culture.

With all this anti weight loss that doesn’t mean I don’t seek change, I absolutely do but I am completely shifting my focus away from disordered eating and weight loss. Instead of restricting myself I am learning to listen to my body again, it’s fullness signals. And whilst I haven’t lost weight or got smaller, I haven’t got bigger in these last few months either. I don’t eat as much or as often, unless I’m hungry. I am getting back into my hobbies and reading more. I am writing more and I am singing loudly (badly) in my living room because it makes my little boy laugh so hard.

large green leaves in the background with a table, dumbell weights and work out clothes
I want to focus on getting stronger and healthier without focusing on weight loss and hating my body because I am fat

What About MY Health

I am not disregarding my health. My blood pressure is fine, Im increasing my activity every day because I want to and it makes my body feel good, I’m taking a multivitamin and adding more veg and fibre into my food. I’m trying to cook from scratch more often and I’m drinking more water. But I’m not feeling guilty for a takeaway. I’m not feeling guilty for a gin and tonic. I’m not feeling guilty for feeling too full. I am wearing clothes that fit me and that are comfortable. I’m taking better care of myself and my health, body and mentality than I ever have before when attempting to slim and shrink down. Regardless, my health is my business and I only owe it to myself to get into a healthy position, not anyone else.

The need for emotional wellbeing and happiness

Loosing weight doesn’t make me happy. It makes be obsessive, stressed and binge eat. With no restriction I don’t feel the need to binge. Instead I want to educate myself and focus on improving my health, happiness and self confidence. All of these things do not require me to have a specific BMI or be a certain number on the scales. One thing I have noticed is when I’m not obsessing over weighing out food or counting calories or syns I actually have so much more time for myself and my family.

So what can you do to improve your health without focusing on weight loss?

  1. Shift the focus from food restriction to eating slower, listening to your body when it’s full and stopping if you don’t want to. You never, ever have to finish your plate
  2. Find movement you love and stick at it
  3. Focus on getting a restfull night sleep
  4. Drink water
  5. Do something mindful like meditation, deep breathing, relaxing or keeping a gratitude journal
  6. Do more of what makes you happy
  7. Follow other anti diet culture people on social media
  8. Affirmations can help your self confidence so saying something positive about yourself every day five times can really help shift the focus to self happiness
  9. Read and educate yourself about damaging diet culture and find a way to live a lifestyle that makes you happy
  10. Be out in nature and say yes to more things that you think will be fun
image for pinterest: iced doughnuts with the text why im ditching the scales and toxic diet culture to improve my health
Pin Image: Ditching diet culture for a happier and healthier lifestyle


  1. Life is too short to spend it rationing food and making yourself miserable. Good on you for changing your way of thinking. I think as long as you are feeling well and your health is good why pressure yourself to lose weight. x

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