24 weeks pregnant expectations

24 Weeks Pregnancy Update

My 24 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I can’t believe I’m already writing my 24 Weeks Pregnancy Update. My second pregnancy is going so much quicker than my last although I do feel things have slowed down a bit recently. Then again I’ve made a conscious effort to slow things down to work a bit more on my maternal mental health. It won’t really be all that long until we are saying goodbye to our second trimester and welcoming in the third! My last update was 21 weeks pregnant and we showed off our gender reveal video.

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24 Weeks Pregnancy Update Weigh-In

Current Weight at 24 Weeks Pregnant (Friday, 1st June 2018) 19 stone 3lbs
Total lbs gained so far: 0 – it seems weird writing this, I was 19 stone 6 when I was pregnant so I’ve lost some fat and gained some baby it would seem!

My weight has gone up and down thanks to keeping fit and active during this pregnancy. I’ve had a lot of junk food though recently so I’ve tried to be a lot healthier in the last week and want to continue this habit. We are going back to shopping at Lidl to budget better as well as meal planning to help control our spending and avoiding takeaways.

How Am I Looking?

Some say I look pregnant but I just see lots of fat. I don’t feel my body has changed much but my tummy is getting harder and I’m not really able to sleep on my front anymore. My pregnancy pillow is helping to give me a bit of extra support.

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How Am I Feeling?

I feel okay. I’ve talked about being a bit down with my mental health but I do feel I’ve picked that back up. I feel pregnant and feeling all these baby kicks is really reassuring. My energy levels are lower and I am tired but then I also think the heat has knocked me back a bit.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

No more sciatic pain yet which I’m glad about but I have had a lot of pressure on my hips and pelvis. Walking too fast really sets this off. I am going to do more Aquafit, Swimming, Yoga and Aqua Natal classes over the summer to help combat this. I also want to get a pregnancy support band to lift the pressure off. I also think the way I’m laying and sleeping is affecting my hips a bit. I’m one of those that sleep on the front and up until about now I’ve been able to continue doing so but it’s starting to get quite difficult and I’m more on my side. I think the pressure being on one side is making my hips protest a little bit. I also think my old leggings really need to be put away until baby is here and I should stick to my maternity ones. I do notice they’re a bit too tight and this again is making things a bit painful. I struggle walking too fast and get out of breath quickly, I can’t really keep up with my regular pace at the moment but there’s no sign of a waddle just yet.

What Do We Have?

We are getting there! This is our bundle of goodies we have so far which include a Baby Crate bed, Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump, Shnuggle Baby Bath, set of Cheeky Wipes and some clothes for those early newborn days. I’ve started getting other little bits as and when we go shopping like dummies, sponges and will pick up some Childs Farm goodies soon too. We’ve also got a lovely soft dressing gown, fluffy blanket and two cotton blankets. It’s all coming together nicely now! I’ve put together a wishlist of baby products I want to buy.

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Do We Have A Name?

Yes. We have a first and middle name, we’d like to find one more middle name though to carry on the tradition as Evie has two middle names. We just can’t decide on the second yet. We have told some friends and family, we do refer to him as his name, but we are keeping it offline for now and will introduce his name when he’s born.

24 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Midwife Appointment

I spoke to my midwife about how I’ve been feeling a bit down but had perked up again. We didn’t really discuss it much as I was feeling better but I’m glad I made her aware. I have booked my next appointment with her at 29 Weeks so that we can go over my birth plan and speak about how I found meeting with my consultant. We had a listen in on the heartbeat too and heard some good kicks. It was lovely to feel him move around and still get a listen in. My blood pressure was absolutely fine, or at least, the midwife didn’t comment on it so I assume all is fine there, not that I’m worried anyway and my wee was clear. I’ve decided to cancel my Glucose Tolerance Test because there’s been no trace of sugar however I’m going to wait until my check at the consultants office as the appointment isn’t until July anyway so I have time to wait and then again if its all clear I really don’t see the need to have it.

For those that don’t have it a Glucose Tolerance Test is offered to women with a BMI over 30 or those that have diabetes or are more at risk of having diabetes. If sugar does come up in the urine tests then you might be offered it then too as that’s usually an indication that something isn’t working right. It’s basically an early morning blood test where you don’t eat after your last meal and just sip water when you wake up. You have a blood test, drink a glucose drink and then two hours later have another blood test. I had this when I was pregnant with Evie and it was absolutely fine and came back clear so I don’t feel the need to do it this time. It’s personal choice, if you have concerns you can have it done. You will be given some information on the test closer to it being booked in.

Whooping Cough Vaccine

I had this on Friday. I didn’t have this vaccine with my previous pregnancy and I really can’t stand having vaccinations because I am awful with needles but it was fine. Right at the top of my left arm. I was told I might feel a little more dehydrated than normal over the weekend and to drink plenty of water. My arm is a little bit tender and sore around the site of the injection but nothing that I can’t deal with. I’m glad it’s done!

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