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B Sensible Bed Sheets Review

B Sensible Bedding offers complete protection and breathable, comfortable and stylish sheets and pillow cases for most sized beds and cots too! I recently received a king size sheet and two pillow cases to feature and they really have come at the perfect time considering I’m on the countdown to my waters breaking in this pregnancy and whilst it might not happen during the night or when I’m actually in bed, I’d rather have as much protection as possible.

B Sensible Bedding King Size

B Sensible King Size Sheet & Mattress Protector

We decided to go for the B Sensible Bedding in grey which nicely goes with our usually purple or Flamingo duvet cover very nicely. B Sensible Bedding offers waterproof protection in their sheets and pillow cases of which it is a little more obvious to tell in the pillow cases as you can feel the waterproof lining but the sheet itself actually feels like any other bed sheet. I love the charcoal colour however there are lots of other options to fit most bedroom colour schemes.

I would absolutely be looking to get B Sensible Bedding for babies when baby F moves on from his next 2 me crib and into an actual cot of his own as babies mattresses need extra protection whilst their still in nappies really! I love that again they have lots of lovely colours available

B Sensible Bedding is made of natural materials, naturally anti bacterial and hypoallergenic and no matter how many times you wash it thanks to the Tencel and smartcel fibres they stay fresh, clean and looking like new. Coloured sheets can be washed at 60 whilst white sheets should be washed at 90 and both can be tumble dried on a low to medium heat.

B Sensible bedding is lovely and soft, it washes really well and the waterproof aspect is a winner for me at this late stage of pregnancy. The single sheets would also be a great option for children who are potty training or might have trouble staying dry at night as the sheets are comfortable and don’t have the noise and crinkly feel that plastic mattress protectors have. B Sensible bedding naturally helps keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter too which is perfect for Adam and I as we can easily overheat. The pillow cases are lovely and soft despite having a noticeable protector in the case and having the cases zip up helps pregnant the pillow from falling out the case in the middle of the night which is really annoying!

B Sensible Bedding, Waterproof sheet and mattress protector

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