Betty Box for Girls – Review

I started my period when I was eleven but I’ve known girls to start much younger than I was. I’ve also known girls not to start until they’re a bit older but it’s something I feel like I really need to prepare myself for because it’s one of those things you simply don’t know when it will all begin. My daughter will be eight in September, which is quite a way off yet and I also hope that her first period is still years away. In the meantime though, I want to do all I can to normalise and prepare her for starting her period. At her age she hasn’t done any form of body or sex education but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t know how her own body works. I also want her to have self respect and put taking care of herself as a priority.

I think this is why I think Betty Box are really great. A period subscription box that’s aimed at preteens to help them learn about their bodies, take care of themselves and the importance of feminine hygiene products. Evie hasn’t really seen a lot of pads and tampons around the home because when I was on the implant I didn’t have any periods. I didn’t even have a need for an emergency stash because for five years of Evie’s life I didn’t have them. This isn’t a problem as such but having the products in the home where they are easy to see and recognise hopefully teaches girls that it’s just a normal part of being a woman. It’s normal to have periods, it’s nothing to be ashamed off and there are ways to keep yourself clean, fresh and feeling a bit better about the whole thing. You can sign up to Betty Box here.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how much you normalise them or talk about them, periods really suck. They’re painful, uncomfortable, come with constant hormone changes, emotional changes…there’s nothing nice about them. No one likes them but we have to deal with them. Having a treat like Betty Box each month might just make things a little bit easier. I love that with Betty Box you have a right now supply in a colourful bag that you can pop into a backpack, handbag or school bag. You then have seperate night time and day time pads for the main part of your period. Again showing that pads come in all shapes and sizes because everyone’s periods are different. You can also have a mix of pads and tampons depending on your personal preference.

Then you get goodies. A little box of skincare, stationary and chocolate treats. This is absolutely something that would have made me feel better as a young girl every month. Betty Box is a great idea for young girls that will help them educate themselves, take care of themselves and show them that even though periods aren’t very nice, there are people out there that want to make them as comfortable as possible.

Disclaimer: I received a Betty Box in exchange for this feature. All opinions are my own. 


  1. The range when it might start tends to be 10-15 (and the average is still 12-13) so you’re right… you just never know! And girls get very worried they are very early or late, or it will smell etc. I work with teens and the concerns never change, so a box like this would be a nice idea, very reassuring.

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