Shopkins Happy Places App Review

One day, when Evie was about three and a half she came home from nursery telling me all about her best friend and how she had got some Shopkins for Christmas. From that moment Evie was absolutely obsessed with getting her own Shopkins. I had no idea what they were at the time but finally got her some for her Birthday. Since then they have become a really big hit and she has never stopped putting them on her Christmas lists. She is now the proud owner of around a thousand tiny Shopkins, a few Lil’ Shoppies, A Shoe Shop and a massive Shopkins Jumbo Jet. Some of the items are more furniture based and have more animal features which I have recently learned are called Petkins. Petkins and Lil’ Shoppies play a huge part in a new App we’ve been playing together.

Evie takes a real interest in games from playing her tablet and watching us play video, computer and App games so I felt she would really enjoy playing the Happy Places App. It is the official game for the Lil’ Shoppie and Petkins collectibles, by Moose Enterprises and Kuato Studios. It is currently only available on the App store and can be downloaded, for free, here. The App is designed for those aged between 5 and 8 so really has Evie’s age in mind. I downloaded it, for free, on my phone and then Evie and I started setting up our new Happy Places home together. When you start the app you are in a moving van coming into your own Happy Places home which is then yours to furnish and decorate as you see fit with the super cute Petkins.

Evie has found the game really easy to play. You can create your perfect little home, furnishing it with a whole collection of Petkins. You get a good few selection to start with and playing regularly gives you daily log in rewards. Every few moments the Lil’ Shoppie pops up with an icon in a thought bubble which tells you what she wants to do. This prompted Evie to select the right Petkins for the home. Getting it right gives you a ticket which are collected in the top right corner. When you reach 25 tickets¬† delivery van brings a special treat right to your door. This allows you to continue collecting all the Petkins. A way to get a few extra tickets and to have a style throughout your Happy Places home is my completing House Goals. These are collecting a few Petkins and putting them in your home which makes your Lil’ Shoppie feel right at home. Some items can be stacked or opened by clicking on them and it’s very easy to drag and drop furnishings around the home. Longer playing allows you to access more characters, Petkins and more Happy Places.

Evie is really enjoying playing Happy Places and loves the creative aspect of it. It’s really nice to see her little places and rooms that she’s created especially with a franchise she really loves. The TalesMaker is a pretty cool part of the App as it creates images or stories Happy Places during her play. It helps to create a bit of a character story throughout the game. There are in App purchases but this requires you to type in the adults year of birth and then your usual password to purchase through the App store. Each mystery box contains 5 items and is priced at ¬£1.99.

There is also a parents area where you can set a timer for how long your child can play the game which is great if you want to restrict screen time. I really like the fact that the App has these parental controls. Take a look at The Sizzle video below to see the App in action!

Disclaimer: This App is free however, in exchange for this review I received payment and some free In App purchases. All opinions remain my own. 

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