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You’ve seen it on Instagram, you’ve seen it on Twitter, you’ve seen it on the TV… we could go on. It’s no secret that Thailand is an extremely popular country to visit, both with backpackers and people in search of a luxury vacation. Because, if there’s one thing Thailand is good at, it’s being an all rounder. You can go there for absolutely anything, no matter what your goal would be from a holiday. There are certain times of the year that will be better to go to Thailand. You have to remember it’s a very tropical country, so you can’t discover the beauty of Thailand whilst being caught in a tropical rainstorm. So, go between November and May, and you’ll have the perfect weather to discover Thailand in. If you want to know what you’d be letting yourself in for, see what you find in the sections below.

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The Beauty Of The Culture

Thailand is a relatively big part of Asia, so the beauty that comes with it is going to be massive. Think of all of those places that you’ve seen on social media. You’ve probably seen the beautiful beaches, waterfalls… and anything else you could wish for. But one thing that social media doesn’t portray well is the culture of Thailand. It’s a highly religious country, and one of the main attractions are the many temples that you can find in Thailand. They’re a sacred place, filled with beauty and culture, and one that many people don’t get to see the true side of. If you want to immerse yourself into their culture, go to one of their active temples, and witness the commitment to the faith that Thai people have. You can also find culture in the many markets that they have. The foods, the rush, the clothing… it’s all what makes Thailand one of the best countries that you can visit!

The Beauty Of The Adventure

We all love to have a bit of adventure in our lives, and you won’t fail to find it in Thailand. There are so many beautiful beaches to explore, mountains to climb, and areas to discover that you will be spoilt for choice. Thailand travel is varied, as we’ve already discussed, and it all depends on what type of adventure you’re looking for. Some people enjoy trekking through the jungles to find the elephant sanctuary, where you will be able to see them safe in their natural habitat. Some people enjoy white water rafting down on of the many rivers, before rocking climbing to the top of the most beautiful waterfalls. So you see, no matter what your sense of adventure is, Thailand will have it for you.

The Beauty Of The Hotels

Now, if you’re looking for luxury, then the hotels of Thailand are where you need to be. Imagine opening your doors that allow you to look out over the sea, with the sun rising or setting in front of you. Well, that’s what it has to offer. Or, imagine being at the top of the mountainous terrain, with a breathtaking view of nature in all of its glory. Well, Thailand can offer you that as well. Or, imagine a budget hotel among the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, where not a dull moment goes by. Well, of course, Thailand has that to offer you.

So, don’t just read this article, go and discover it for yourself!


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