Bophut: Travelling With Kids (AD)

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Visiting Bophut as a Family for a beachfront holiday

I love travelling and there are so many beautiful places I want my children to see around the world. When it comes to travelling with children you feel like you sometimes have to compromise with beautiful places for family friendly however with a little digging and a bit of research I think you can find the best of both worlds. I know when it comes to travelling with my family I want to experience a bit of culture but I also want an area I can feel relaxed and safe. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a beach holiday abroad and I’m fully convinced to go self catering in a villa next time we do.

Villa Accomodation

One area I would love to visit and hadn’t thought about before was Thailand but digging a little further and finding some of the beautiful islands off the mainland you come across Koh Samui. An area I think my family would absolutely love exploring is Bophut. It looks like an ideal family friendly destination with plenty of beachfront accomodation. Villa accomodation in Bophut is very popular and an ideal way to get a bit of privacy during your holiday. There are some beautiful villas in Bophut on Koh Samui to choose from with a range of prices per night, room sizes and suitable for all sorts of family sizes. Many of these have a private or shared pool which is ideal for us as we all love to swim. There are lots of gorgeous villas in Bophut to choose from.

I think somewhere like this would be great to visit as a larger family group so that we can make the most of our stay. It’s great to see there are a range of options and most are very close to the beach. I know I’d love to have access to a pool as well as a comfortable place to sleep and of course some sort of air conditioning is a bit of a must for us. Some villas even come with staff so it’s worth having a good look and thinking about what you really need on your family friendly holiday to Bophut.

A Swimming Pool with green tiles in a private villa that could be seen in Bophut, Koh Samui, Thailand
There are plenty of beautiful villas in Bophut to visit including many with a private or shared pool.

Visiting the beach in Bophut

We always love a trip to the beach and being so close is ideal for us. Bophut has so much beautiful scenery and a stunning coastline too which I think will enable those perfect holiday shots. For a bit of a change of beach there are plenty of others around the island that you can travel to aswell. One thing to note for families is that Thailand is a modest country and therefore children do need to be in swimwear when on the beach which is something worth considering. Considering the warm weather and tropical climate you will want to keep skin protected in the heat too so plenty of sun protection is a must. Bophut beach does experience a narrow coastline at high tide which is something to be wary of but makes it ideal for families with young children in Bophut to use during the day.

An aerial photograph of thai islands surrounded by turquoise blue seas and white sandy beaches
Bophut is situated on the beautiful island of Koh Samui close to the mainland of Thailand.

Fishermans Village

Fishermans Village in Bophut is one of the oldest parts on the island and is regarded as very well preserved and elegant. It is located in the middle part of Bophut beach and is very popular. This is an excellent place to take the kids for shopping amongst the boutiques and housing plenty of dining venues. Another must see location with children is Big Budda Temple. It’s an iconic desintation.

Dining Options

There are plenty of places to eat in Bophut including western staples for picky eaters – ideal for young children as well as plenty of options for those wanting to try some local cuisine. There are plenty of freshly picked fresh thai fruit including bananas and coconuts which is great to know and they’re favourites here in our house already. Trational thai food in Bophut is the most affordable in the local resturants and markets. If you’re self catering a good idea is to have things available for breakfast and then eat out for the rest of your meals. Alternatively there are two Tesco Lotus stores in Chaweng and Lamai for snacks and supplies should you need them.

Visiting Bophut, Koh Samui: a Thai island with children and exploring the area and villa accomodation
Visiting Bophut, Koh Samui, Thailand with children and staying in a family friendly villa on a beach front location

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