Bournemouth Gardens

Bournemouth by Bus & TGI Fridays Food

I live in a bit of a weird place, right on the border of Wiltshire which basically means I can get to Bournemouth Beach by bus. It’s longer but way cheaper than going by train and sometimes you just want to go to the beach and it not cost a fortune. That being said we went to TGI Fridays for lunch so it ended up being much more expensive than we anticipated. Still it was a nice date day that Adam and I deserved as we haven’t had one in a while. I do like a quick day city break and we have so many wonderful, beautiful cities close by. We especially love heading over to Salisbury. It hasn’t been all that long since our holiday in Cornwall but let’s be honest when you have kids you need a break after a holiday with them!

We’re currently trying to save around £5,000 which is a grand sum but the truth is we are considering relocating. It’s a year off plan and kind of depends on a lot but we figured having some money saved up to move, pay upfront rent and just get new things would be a good idea and £5k is a nice round number. Sort of. I just think its a good aim. Anyway, so we’re trying to save money and we’re trying to do things on a bit of a budget and we wanted to have one last naughty meal before getting back with our fitness and health plans.

Bournemouth Bridge Park River

Bournemouth is beautiful. I love it, it’s a lovely city and the beach is glorious. There’s so much to do, see and buy there. There are beautiful gardens to walk through, entertainment galore, arcades and toilets that require a 20p donation. We left at 7.35am Saturday morning to get the bus to Salisbury which took an hour and a half but going through my old home village I was pointing out places of nostalgia along the way. We changed buses at Salisbury to head to Bournemouth which was another hour and the bus had tables. I was amazed at this, not only did it have tables and really comfy seats but also USB chargers for your phone. Buses have upgraded and I am happy about this change. We were able to get an Explorer ticket each for £8.60 which I believe gets you pretty much wherever you want to go in Wiltshire and Dorset. It also gets you to Andover. Not saying Andover is a place anyone wants to visit, it’s very dull, but it gets you here. More importantly it gets you away from here.

We enjoyed strolling through the gardens and people watching on the pier. Sitting by a little river and bandstand before having a little stroll through the centre. We headed into Lush where I treated us to a bath bomb each and the Rub, Rub, Rub Solid Scrub (for me, not sharing – buy it, it’s the best) and a sample of Boom! toothy tabs which is charcoal activated and I haven’t yet used. If you’re curious we also went to Holland and Barrett to take advantage of the penny sale and buy some drinkable Aloe. That’s a dedicated health kick right there because drinking Aloe is absolutely vile but it stops me feeling bloated and crappy so I persevere.

Bournemouth Gardens

TGI Fridays was the highlight and we had a super three course lunch and cocktails there.

Boneless Hot Wings TGI Fridays Bournemouth

Adam was of course craving boneless hot wings with scorpion sauce and I opted for a Chick Cone which was a take on chicken and waffles. However, there wasn’t actually a lot of chicken.

TGI Fridays Chick Cones, Bournemouth

There was a lot of cheese. Cheese Cones is probably a more accurate name actually. Then for our mains we had burgers followed by a sharing Toffee Popcorn Sundae. To finish I had a lovely Red Velvet martini which was the perfect mix of sweet and sour. Adam had a Mud Slide which is basically and adult chocolate milkshake. It gave him brain freeze!

TGI Fridays Bournemouth Red Velvet Cocktail

We finished the day by the long bus ride back home and ended up getting home around 5.30. It was nice, sunny with a bit of drizzle and the food was tasty. It was nice to just talk and have some adult only time together. The last time we went to Bournemouth on the bus was just before Christmas 2012. Again it was just Adam and I and he was a little on the crazy side after just working the Winter Ball and having not slept. It was cold and rainy but it was absolutely one of my favourite dates way back in the early days.

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