beautiful and exotic honeymoon desinations

Beautiful and Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

There are so many beautiful destinations in the world and what better way than to visit somewhere exotic than on your honeymoon. I’ve never wanted a big wedding and if Adam and I ever do decide to get married it will likely be a quick registry office and minimal guests. I have no desire to have any reception or party because I’ve always believed that marriage is about the couple, not providing everyone else with a good time. I’ve been to some truly beautiful weddings where every guest was catered to and I just don’t know how people do it! I would much rather spend any money on an amazing honeymoon for us to escape normality and focus on what’s really important; our lives together and our little family.

This has often got me fantasising about the beautiful destinations we could explore together. One of those being the absolutely stunning Maldives in the Indian Ocean. The islands look so beautiful and the whole ideal of the Maldives makes me think of romance, luxury and relaxation. Destination2 Maldives Holidays showcase some truly beautiful parts of the islands and the exotic location is perfect for honeymooning couples. I love the idea of swimming in those beautiful waters and enjoying all that the Maldives have to offer honeymooners.

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I am keen to visit the Caribbean at some point and St Lucia is another place I’d love to visit. The gorgeous sea and sands just make me think of a luxury couples holiday or honeymoon retreat and there are some truly stunning hotels to stay in too. I’d love to cruise around all of the islands if I could but St Lucia has been one of those destinations I’ve always wanted to visit and, to me, is the ideal place to visit in the Caribbean. I’d love a chance to zipline through the rainforest and see all those beautiful waterfalls.

Cancun is another place I would love to visit. I’ve heard so many amazing things about Mexico as a holiday destination and being home to the worlds second largest Barrier Reef it would provide so many things for us to see and do together, relaxation and trying something new.There are also things like whale shark encounters which is just a once in a lifetime opportunity and something I would really love to do. Not to mention seeing the Mayan temples and ruins which I imagine would just be absolutely breathtaking.

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Lastly on my list of exotic honeymoon destinations is Bali, Indonesia which just seems like absolute paradise and a long haul flight that sounds so worth it. It has the perfect mix of tropical climate, relaxation and water sports so would be an ideal destination for many couples. I’d love to see the water temples and do one of the amazing sea walks. It sounds like the perfect place for adventure and so many beautiful things to see too. There’s also zoos and aquariums which just make me think it would be a lovely family holiday too if we wanted to take the kids!

One day I’ll get my exotic dream honeymoon but for now, at least, I can daydream. Did you have a long haul or exotic honeymoon? Where would you recommend?

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