Family Holidays to St Barts

St Barts is a gorgeous Island in the Caribbean which just seems like a completely different world to me. It’s a place I am so keen to visit and explore all the beautiful landscapes, wildlife, beaches and that sea with crystal clear waters I could spend hours in. As a family we always look for holiday destinations that give us a real chance to explore, experience some luxury and give us the opportunity to relax in the sun. Visiting St Barts in the winter months really appeals to me, especially around Christmas time although it is known that accommodation tends to get really expensive this time of year thanks to the consistent temperature.

I think for our family a villa in St Barts would be ideal as it would give us lots of space and the freedom to get out and about whenever we wanted to. I do prefer it when we are free to make our own plans and timetable which is hard to do when in a resort. St Barts is a volcanic island with lots of beautiful reefs and a terrific landscape to match giving families lots of things to see and explore. It is one of the smaller islands in the West Indes and has French roots in it’s language, cuisine and culture. Getting to St Barts would require a little planning as flying direct is not possible. Instead, flights can be arranged to the neighbouring St Martens and then alternative transport such as chartered speedboat or ferry are available to connect. I imagine the travel with children might be a little offputting but seeing more of the beautiful Caribbean is very appealing and it’s a great chance to visit more than one island.

I can imagine a typical day for us as a family would start bright and early with a big breakfast around the table in our villa followed by a stroll to the nearby shops, perhaps in search of a local market to try some local cuisine. Lunch would be small and simple, before heading back to the villa to escape the sun before heading out to the beach to play and join in on some of the fun things that St Barts has to offer. You can read more about family villa holidays with My Gorgeous Boys.

Things to do in St Barts

There are plenty of beautiful, golden sandy beaches to visit giving you the chance to build sandcastles galore, relax and sunbathe. Perfect after all that travelling and I don’t think any family could visit the island without having a few days at the beach. A big blanket, beach snacks, sun cream and a bucket and spade will see you through. The beaches just look so beautiful and tranquil. What’s more, there are 14 beaches across St Barts to choose from so you’ve got plenty of opportunities to find your absolute favourite. Lorient Beach is a favourite with local families and a place to surf too, catering to all ages. Petit Cul de Sac is another lovely choice with relatively calm turquoise waters.

For those that want to see a little more underwater action then there are plenty of bays and reefs to snorkel in. It’s something I would absolutely love to do with my family in St Barts. Scuba Diving is also widely offered with plenty of diving schools throughout the island. I can just imagine capturing all those beautiful fish swimming around the waters and getting to see just a bit more. It’s a dream of mine to Scuba Dive in the Caribbean. Leading on from diving there are a few submarine trips available which would be a truly incredible experience and something I think many members of the family could enjoy without getting wet. St Barts is also a popular location for sailing and watersports such as Jet Skies.

St Barts is a quiet island and the nightlife is small which resonates with me so much more as a mother. I’m a fan of decent food and an early night now I’ve got children and I’m not really getting younger. A big nightlife scene is something I want to avoid and whilst St Barts does have some bars available, it isn’t known for its wild parties.

Food and Drink in St Barts

Food can absolutely make or break a holiday for us and knowing that St Barts is full of delicious options and variety is really appealing to us as a family. The island is incredible for those that are a fan of amazing restaurants and with plenty to choose from it’s doubtful, you would be disappointed. There are plenty of places to eat and drink along the seafront reminding you of the beautiful scenery and would make for some truly spectacular family photos. Restaurants will have plenty of wines and champagnes for you to try which will compliment your meal perfectly. French wine is my absolute favourite and it’s great to know that you can enjoy a delicious drink whilst sampling the food.

Much of the cuisine is traditional French with tender cuts of beef imported to the hotels and restaurants around the island. Ideal for families that are budgeting their spend when eating out, plenty of places offer a fixed price menu giving you a chance to sample a fair few dishes without a super steep price. Alongside this are plenty of fresh fish dishes and so much is served with freshly baked bread too. I know that rum is a popular drink across the Caribbean and it’s my favourite choice of spirit so trying a few of the local drinks.

St Barts really does look and seem like the ideal place for a relaxing, food filled family holiday and it’s a place I’m convinced I need to add to my bucket list.

Packing for a Family Holiday to St Barts

The best time to visit St Barts is between December and April. This avoids the tropical storm and hurricane season between August and October. The sea is warm all year around meaning there is always time to swim. I can’t help thinking that St Barts would be a lovely place to go to spend February half term or the Easter holidays. The temperature is warm with an average low of 23 degrees and an average high of 29 degrees Celsius. This seems like the ideal climate for a family holiday and with an average of eight to nine hours of sunshine there would be plenty of opportunity to do all the things St Barts has to offer.

With weather like this I think layers would be the best option. Light, comfortable clothing, plenty of swimwear and something a little warmer for the evening like a light jacket. For young children a mix of light clothing that they can too dress in layers.

Other essentials would of course include suncream, medications, snorkel equipment, comfortable walking shoes and hats. I would also pack a few items of entertainment for children such as a magazine, colouring, crayons and a tablet and charger.


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