sandy beach and blue sky with blog post title in pink, our next family holiday destination is Thorness Bay in Isle of Wight by Park Dean Resorts

We’ve Booked A Holiday

Yet again we are returning to the Isle of Wight for our summer holiday and our first as a family of four. I’m very excited. We’ve had great holidays at Park Dean Resorts Landguard Holiday Park on Eastern side of the Island but this time we are changing things up and staying North at Thorness Bay.

We’ve booked an extra wide caravan for this trip because we need the space with a pushchair, cot and highchair clogging up the space. As well as the need for more clothes, nappies and all the extra’s that an, at the time, eight month old baby will need. It was a great price thanks to the recent January sale and a low deposit so we were able to secure it nice and quickly. I’m really excited. Ideally I wanted one of the beautiful lodges with a hot tub however we’ve had to choose our dates carefully with Adam’s work so that he can take minimal time off. It’s also during term time because it was hundreds of £’s cheaper but still in July where kids are mostly doing things like sports day and it happens to fall on a week Evie has an inset day which helps avoid her missing too much actual learning.

Beach and Sea from Sandown, Isle of Wight

We’ve not had a chance to visit the north side of the island before so I’m looking forward to going to the Alpaca farm and pizzeria. We will be closer to Newport which has a big soft play area and hopefully Adam will be driving so we can have access to a car rather than relying on the train, ferry and taxi’s for our trip. It also means we can do our self catering shop at Aldi rather than the on site shop which is usually quite expensive.

We are trying to keep it a secret from Evangeline so that we can surprise her as she will be getting a week from school. We are hoping to get there a little earlier even if our caravan isn’t ready so we can start using the facilities and entertainment earlier than we usually would. Hopefully we will be swimming every day, getting down to the little private bay area and making the most of the local attractions too. If we do have a car sorted by then and Adam has passed his driving test we’re hoping to drive down to the South of the island too as it will be much easier than doing the route by bus.

Daughter splashing in blue water splash pool in Ventnor south part of Isle of Wight, blog post title our next family holiday in Isle of Wight

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