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Adding Unicorn Sparkle to my Daughter’s Bedroom

Adding Unicorn Sparkle

Unicorns are a big hit in this house, as are ponies actually, so with Evie recently away at her dads I wanted to change her room for her a little and make it a little more themed. It’s now a unicorn bedroom, although we still have a little way to go. I was recently searching for some Unicorn room decor ideas and was so thrilled to receive some gorgeous Unicorn wall and window stickers from Stickerscape. This has really helped us go from plain pink to adding that gorgeous unicorn sparkle into her bedroom.

There are so many lovely Unicorn interiors around so we are really not short on ideas on how to develop the room as we go along. My daughters bedroom is a mix of hot pink and cream with a light pink border separating the two colours. This is already a great base for Unicorns, although they are fictitious, I feel these bright colours work really well with the unicorn stickers we have chosen. I really recommend checking out Stickerscape’s collection of window and wall stickers. They have an amazing selection suitable for everyone.

Unicorn Wall Sticker, Adding Unicorn Sparkle to Bedroom, Unicorn Decor

Why Unicorn Wall Stickers?

Wall stickers are a great alternative to completely redecorating a room. They add a touch of something different, some colour and can just completely change the interior of a room. Previous to the wall stickers being up my daughters bedroom was pretty simple looking and very pink. These have added something extra that make the room feel more themed, plus they’re nice and easy to remove should the theme be outgrown. To be honest though, who doesn’t love Unicorns right now? It’s very on trend and I think the beautiful pastel colours work so nicely with Evie’s bright colours. It just adds a touch more sparkle to the room than before.

Adding Unicorn Wall Stickers

We have a beautiful Unicorn horn wall sticker against the hot pink wall which is close to the bed. Applying the sticker was so easy thanks to the instructions provided by Stickerscape and the helpful application video. You simply cut out the shapes of the wallsticker to make it easier to apply, peel back and apply to the wall with the transfer paper on top. It’s then a case of pressing the sticker into the wall. Stickerscape recommend using a plastic card for this so that you can ensure all of the sticker is in the right place and to make sure it’s firmly on the wall. Leave the unicorn wallsticker on for five minutes, have another press with a plastic card and peel from the top down firmly transferring the sticker onto the wall. This came away really nicely and we are so happy with the lasting effect.

unicorn decor, unicorn horn wall sticker, unicorn wall sticker

Applying Unicorn Window Stickers

We also received this super cute Unicorn on a cloud window sticker which was even quicker to apply. It fit really nicely across my daughters window and came with a few star stickers too. Keeping the backing paper allows you to remove the window sticker and then replace on another window: particularly helpful if you’re moving house.

Now we have these beautiful window and wall stickers in place to go with Evie’s ever growing collection of Unicorn soft toys and sparkle lamp. Next on my list is some gorgeous unicorn bedding and a lovely fluffy unicorn blanket for when the heat does eventually leave us at the end of the summer. There are plenty of other beautifully themed interiors, decor ideas and little items we could fit so beautifully to really transform the room however it may be a longer process than we’d like with a baby on the way.

Unicorn Window Sticker

Disclaimer: We received the window and wall sticker from Stickerscape in exchange for this feature however all opinions remain my own. 

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