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24 things to do if you need to self isolate

people are taking it among themselves to self isolate during this outbreak of coronavirus, properly known as covid-19 and there’s plenty of speculation of people worrying about what to do, getting bored and being stuck in with kids. i know it’s a daunting thought with leisure facilities being closed and maintaining social distance, it’s a time we might feel alone, genuinely isolated or worried. i also know that i have anxiety and planning for the worst is pretty much what i do best.

with schools now closed, we are facing the realistic view of non-vital workplace closures to try and flatten the curve and lessen pressure from nhs and public services. we all have a responsibility and quite frankly everyone’s economoy is going to suffer globally. in my opinion, much better to self isolate just in case and avoid risking passing this harmful virus on to vulnerable people. i’ve also written up my plans for how i’m continuing my child’s education which you might find useful.

what is self isolation?

self isolation is for those that, at time of writing, have a new persistent cough and/or high temperature. it’s also for those who have travelled from countries displaying large positive tests, if you’ve been in contact with someone that has tested positive or have any of the symptoms of covid-19.

self isolation is a period of time where you remain in your home. if you are self isolating you can not go outside for an initial period of seven days. if your symptoms are cleared within 7 days, you are feeling well enough to do so, then you are able to return to your normal activities. if you are still feeling unwell you are advised to contact nhs 111 service and seek further advice. if only one person as symptoms in the household you are supposed to maintain social distance of 1-2metres but good luck doing that with kids, especially a toddler. i understand the importance of this, but i also know in reality my kids aren’t going to stay away from me if we self isolate. the new advice says if one person in a household develops a new dry continous cough and/or a fever (high temperature) then the household must self isolate for 14 days.

you need to ask family/friends to help with deliveries/errands such as topping up electric, getting food or drink. if you have access to a garden you are allowed in your garden as that is part of your property. you might be able to work from home and there are plenty of online resources for children to continue learning if they feel well enough to do so.

during self isolation you might not have covid-19 and might be well enough to do plenty of things. also as parents of children with a cough/cold or high temperature it seems when faced with calpol they can be suprisingly resillient and ‘bounce back.’ the list below is to help alleviate some boredom and give a bit of inspiration.

what is the difference between self isolation and lockdown?

the difference is a country wide lockdown or quarentine does not mean self isolation. if the country is in lockdown and any members of the family display symptoms of covid-19 then you would need to remain in your home. if the country is on lockdown you will be able to leave the house but you might not find there is much to do.

when a country is in quarantine or lockdown it usually means that any place that is not a public necessity would shut for a period of time. this includes leisure facilities such as cinemas, swimming pools, shopping centres and sporting grounds. this is to prevent mass gatherings and to help comply with social distancing.

during lockdown because of covid-19 in the uk it is likely that schools and workplaces will close but supermarkets, some resturants that offer takeout/delivery and pharmacies would remain open. doctors appointments may be rearranged or rescheduled as emergency only. places that are open would require social distancing of around 1-2m space per person and only a limited amount of people would be allowed in one place at any one time.

you will probably be allowed to go for a walk or run for fresh air, but parks and outside leisure facilities may be closed. social distancing will have to be observed in all cases too. even if you are working from home it’s going to be tough with children around – i should know, i currently attempt to!

some of the ideas below might be useful if you’re workplace and school is closed and you need some fresh ideas to break up the day.

24 things to do when in social isolation with children at home

  1. let each family member pick a film to watch and make each night a family film night
  2. read together and then discuss the book you’ve read or ask your child to review a book they haven’t read yet
  3. look for fun kids workout videos on youtube, like yoga
  4. make a playlist of your favourite songs and host a dance competition
  5. star in a family fashion show
  6. look for some educational apps such as duolingo to learn together
  7. get everyone to write a story in 500 words or less and read them out together
  8. put blankets on the floor and have a picnic lunch or dinner
  9. encourage children to help with housework, cleaning and meal prep
  10. play some video games together
  11. look through old photo albums and talk about your favourite memories
  12. facetime or skype with a relative or friend
  13. go through your cookbooks and find some new recipes you’d all like to try
  14. take the chance to declutter and sort old clothes if you have the room to store them until you can donate and/or sell on
  15. let the kids create a menu of the day
  16. bake something if you have the ingredients, if you have some of the ingredients pinterest might have some interesting ideas or you can look for raw/unbaked goods.
  17. take a day time nap
  18. bubble baths any time of the day
  19. have a family pamper session. you don’t need anything fancy, you could do each others nails and give each other hand massages with hand cream or use up any facemasks you might have.
  20. learn a dance routine
  21. do a puzzle together
  22. find an audiobook and listen together
  23. create a scrapbook with any printed photos you might have
  24. if you’ve been meaning to decorate a room now might be a good chance to start by rearranging things. if you’ve already got the supplies get it done or take the time to do any diy work or deep cleans that need doing.
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