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Create Your Own Sleep Kit

How To Create Your Own Sleep Kit

How do you sleep? Is it something you struggle with? I’ve struggled with sleep a lot in the past and it can really affect my mental wellbeing. I was recently sent a little sleep kit to help me track my sleep to improve it. I wanted to share with you a few things I think could help you get a better night sleep and create your own sleep kit.

  1. Having a clear Bedroom – So not really something you can put in a kit but having a clear, clutter free bedroom makes it so much easier to relax. One of my pet peeves that really put me off getting in to bed and frustrate me is when the bed isn’t made. My rule is last one out makes the bed and I can assure you I am never the last one out of bed in the morning. Getting in to a made bed and a mess free room already sets me up for a better night sleep. Sleep, clutter free bedroom
  2. Lavender Oil – Lavender is an essential oil that helps to relax. You can spread a couple of drops along pillows, on the soles of your feet or in your bath or shower. The scent is relaxing and calming which supposedly help you to switch off in the evening.
  3. Sleep Journal or Diary – Writing down my sleep patterns really help me to understand why I might not have had a great night sleep and how it has affected me emotionally. This reminds me to use my coping techniques or to read through entries where I’ve noticed my sleep is improved or I’ve woken up feeling refreshed.
  4. An eye mask – I need darkness to sleep and an eye mask can really help with this. I also avoid screens and having the TV on in my bedroom and instead choose to listen to audiobooks. I enjoy having the noise and something to listen to but I don’t like the visual distractions that light gives me.
  5. Try a relaxation or alternative therapy such as Reiki or Reflexology by a qualified practitioner. This can help you to relax, clear away any negative energy that might be making you feel tired or emotionally drained. I personally love reflexology and really recommend it.

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If you are really struggling with sleep and feeling you are at a stage of near exhaustion then try speaking to a pharmacist in your local chemist. One thing that you may consider trying is Phenergan® Night Time – an effective tablet that induces a sedative affect to help you getting to sleep. It’s used to treat insomnia in adults and is available over the counter, however, please do consult your pharmacist or GP before taking any new medication. The active ingredient is promethazine hydrochloride which is what produces the sedative effect helping you drift off and sleep through the night. Promethazine is an antihistamine, which works in the brain by blocking the action of histamine, causing you to feel sedated and helping you drift off to sleep. Promethazine has a long heritage of use as a sedative for insomnia and has been used for over 50 years.


What would you include in a sleep kit and what are your top tips for a good night sleep?

Disclaimer: I received a mini sleep kit in exchange for this post alongside a voucher for my time. All opinions remain my own.

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