becoming a more eco friendly family

Becoming a More Eco Friendly Family

Eco Friendly Family

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We want to become a more eco friendly family over the summer! We are quickly approaching the third trimester now and I’m becoming very aware that a new baby in the house is going to mean more waste. As a family going from three to four over the years we will generate more waste and I really want to do my part to try and be a lot more eco friendly. I am hoping to cut down our use of plastics and use more eco friendly products in the house that are more beneficial to us, less toxic and better for the environment too. There are, I’ve found, quite a lot of changes we can make really easily as a family to improve our every day energy output, waste and recycling habits which will hopefully save us money in the long run too. There are loads of extra added benefits to being more eco friendly and cutting down on waste than helping the environment and as a family that has to budget I have to say saving money is one thing that is at the top of my list.

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Recycle More

We always take glass to the bottle bank and recycle more than we actually throw away but I think we could improve this and see if we can reuse anything that we currently recycle. I would also like to buy more toys that have less plastic packaging. We do have some disposable plastic straws which I try and reuse as often as I can more recycling them, and apparently there are quite a lot of fun hacks you can do with plastic straws but it’s something I’m not going to buy anymore as we have more hard wearing ones that last longer. We are cutting down on buying fizzy drinks which of course avoids buying plastic there. I am also going to invest in an insulated water bottle that I can reuse and will keep water cool. I know it will be really beneficial when breastfeeding so I can have a bottle of water close by at all times. Recycling as much as we can will absolutely make us a more eco friendly family.

Reusables for the Baby

Another way we can be a more eco friendly family is the choices we make when it comes to our newborn. We are going to use eco friendly disposables and cloth nappies for this baby. I am hoping we will have more children in the future so we can keep using our cloth nappies for them which will, of course, save us money in the long term. I am also going to be looking into the eco friendly disposable options for early new born days and just in case spares to keep at my mums so we never get caught short. We currently have a set of Size 2 Bambino Miosoft from Kiddies Kingdom, two part cloth nappies to use for when Baby F is a bit bigger. I’m really looking forward to using cloth nappies. I’ve recently read they’re even better for baby boys because they keep things cool down there. Brilliant.

two in one cloth nappy kit from bambino mio, eco friendly family

We have stopped buying disposable baby wipes with our weekly shopping now in an effort to be a more eco friendly family and have instead moved on to reusable Cheeky Wipes which I absolutely love! I bought an all you need kit which I am going to blog about properly soon to talk about how great they are! They smell amazing, are easy to use and will be super soft and gentle on the baby. Using the cloth nappies with the flushable liners will be saving us in wipes and a more eco friendly option. What is great about Cheeky Wipes is that they dry really quickly, are easy to wash the dark colours can be washed with an antibacterial detergent at 40 degrees. We went with dark colours to avoid any stains.

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I am, however, so happy to have a selection of Aqua Wipes which are completely biodegradable. They are naturally kind and soft so perfect for new babies and children that still get their dinner all over their faces. They are made of water and a tiny bit of Aloe. These are going to be perfect to pop in the changing bag and again keep at my mums house as a just in case. I would absolutely consider buying more of these. Aqua Wipes are available on Amazon

Aqua Wipes biodegradable baby wipes, eco friendly family

Reusables for Me

Another way we can be a more eco friendly family, and this is completely new to me, is the personal hygiene products we use. I am completely new to the world of Cloth Sanitary Protection and Moon Cups but I am determined to give them a go when my body gets back to normal. I had my first period since having my implant removed in December and then fell pregnant. I had heard of Moon Cups and the like before and the idea kind of put me off. I didn’t have periods during my time on the contraceptive implant either so haven’t had to buy much sanitary protection for a while however I am completely sold on using the more eco friendly versions and getting some cloth pads at home ready for me P-Day returns – hopefully well after breastfeeding has finished. I will probably use disposables after birth because it’s a really mucky time and I do have quite a few pads to use but I will be converting.

I have also found some bamboo nursing pads which I am keen to get my hands on to help prevent leakage when breastfeeding. They look and sound so soft, can be washed and will probably be a little more gentle on the nips. I love that I can make these choices to be a more eco friendly family. You can also get cloth makeup remover pads although in all fairness I could probably just use our Cheeky Wipes for my own face to remove makeup.

reusable nursing pads, serenity bamboo white nursing pads in dotty bag, new baby wishlist

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Another thing that I think is probably our biggest plastic use is personal toiletries. I have avoided buying too buy this year as I got some really big bottles of Tigi Bed Head Shampoo and Conditioner for Christmas. Both Evie and I have been using them and we are only half way through one set so I’m glad I’ve reduced our plastic usage a little bit there. However, I might try and look into shampoo bars more as they come with no plastic and produce no waste. They smell amazing too and if I remember correctly they actually last quite a while. We have, however, received a few bottles of Dr. Bronner’s natural soap which is organic and a Fair Trade skin care. Dr. Bronner’s  liquid soaps help to reduce waste in a multitude of ways. Most importantly being it’s  18 in 1 uses – making it affordable and versatile. The soap can be used to clean your body, mouth & teeth, fruit & Vegetables, your bathroom & Kitchen, clothes and even pets… and a little goes a long way! Coming in eight different varieties, the Unscented is great for kids and the more sensitive of skins and, even better, the bottles are recyclable and biodegradable.

biodegradable soap bottle, 18 in 1 use soap for eco friendly family

Disclaimer: We received some of the products featured above for the purpose of this post, however, all opinions remain my own. Some links are affiliate links which means if you decide to purchase I might make a small commission from the sale but this is never at any cost to you as the buyer. 

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  1. Some great ideas here Kayleigh, especially loving your Cheeky Wipes and the water wipes too, i hate to think of how many normal baby wipes we have used over the years I am interested in trying a moon cup or something similar too but haven’t worked up the courage either! I have seen period pants that you wear and wash, they could be good! I also love Dr Bronners, we have the lemon one x

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! 😀 Yeah I’ve seen the period pants too, Cheeky Wipes do cloth kids for mums too so worth checking out and I think they’re bringing in some period pants too!! x

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