blog post about felix being 9 months old

Felix at 9 Months

My baby boy is nine months old already. Time is absolutely flying by and his 8 to 9 month of life has brought plenty of changes. He now has his first two teeth and his top two are just there moving down about to break through. We can see them pretty clearly but they haven’t cut through the gum yet.

Felix is wearing a green Rex outfit in a wooden high chair at 9 months old

We have had our first holiday as a family of four where Felix enjoyed ice cream, the sand, the sea, bubbles and swimming. He was constantly crawling and cruising around the caravan and showing us how fast he can go. He’s a real climber and he is just starting to lower himself with some control back down to the floor.

He has been blowing kisses and waving a little bit recently although its more of a hand flop but he will imitate in his own way when we blow kisses and wave at him. Some of his sounds say like he’s saying hello and no but most of his babble is just funny baby speak. It seems he is starting to recognise Adam as dada and me as mumma. He’s also said a little bit of Nanana which is quite cute.

Felix enjoying his first mr whippy ice cream in his Mister Fox cosatto pushchair on holiday

He is a pretty smiley baby and has his own little cackle although he doesn’t really laugh out loud very much. It’s more of a throaty growl noise to be honest which is pretty funny. He loves to kick his legs out when he’s happy. He follows us around a lot too and has a lot of distrust in the hoover.

felix in a blue wet suit ready for a swim

Food wise he does seem to suffer with constipation from time to time, particularly with heavy fibrous foods like cereals so we are experimenting with getting the right amount of fibre and fruit for him. He is doing a lot more self feeding now too. He is still having around 5 bottles of 6oz milk a day at the moment. I know he will have a 9-12 month review with the health visitor so I will ask about this. We are planning on moving over to oat milk rather than cows milk at the age of 1 but we will see how that goes.

He is an early riser which I am really struggling with now. He is often awake around 5am and it just makes the day feel very, very long. It’s particularly hard on one of Adam’s work days because he is asleep most of the day and I feel like I’m parenting solo a lot of the time. It got to a point where I said that on some of his days off we need to swap so that he gets up with Felix and does the school run in the morning just so I can have a little bit of a break which does seem to help quite a lot.

felix and evie on the swings at blackgang chine with the sea in the background

Most mums would be returning to work around 9 months. I have been working on and off for the last nine months being self employed however I am going to try and put in a proper work type schedule over the next few months and hope to have a good working routine in place by the time he’s one.

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