Felix at Six Months

We’ve had a son for six months! How time has flown from his birth on 4th October 2018 to now. Honestly some of these months are firmly in a fog of sleep deprivation, bleakness, tears and frustration but mostly it’s been a very happy six months. Adjusting to life as a family of four has been hard. It’s much harder to do it without a car which is something I never really gave much thought to when we were a three.

The thing is three people can fit into another person’s car easily. A child above the age of five has to pay but gets a seat on public transport. You can carry a basket easier when you don’t have a pram to push. I get that feeling of needing to have eyes in the back of your head with two kids. Juggling Felix’s routine around the school run is sometimes a real challenge. Not to mention being in a small two bedroom flat. Baby stuff takes up so much space!

One thing that isn’t changing anytime soon is Felix going into a cot in his own room. He’s not sitting up unsupported yet so he’s still in his next to me crib next to my side of the bed. We’ve found a cot bed we both really like the look of and we are planning on buying it in May but he still won’t be going into his own room. It’s really unfair to expect Evie to share with her then seven month old baby brother so he will be in with us, probably until we are able to move home.

We have, however, moved his pram around to parent facing mode although I’m not sure I’m happy with it. The straps don’t seem to have much give for him and the footmuff keeps slipping down when we get him in. It’s also been awkward to push in the wind. I think I’m also looking for excuses as I’m getting a bit bored with it. I know we will also need something that folds smaller and is more compact for our holiday in July and further travels in the future.

We are going to start weaning him so we’ve been getting bits and pieces ready including a highchair, bamboo bowl, spoon and suction plate. I’m completely new to babyled weaning as Evie had purees but Felix has not been ready or interested in food. We will of course be giving him a mix of purees and finger food but encouraging him to do it all himself. We’ve decided on the Cosatto Supa Noodle highchair which is adjustable, folds well, has a removable tray and lots of padding. At six months Felix can not sit unsupported so I feel he benefits from the extra padding keeping him comfortable and secure.

baby boy in Cosatto highchair weaning, eating banana from bamboo bowl

He is, however, moving around the living room by rolling everywhere. The other day he rolled from his playmat on one side of the room to under the coffee table. He will often roll onto his front and shuffle or rotate himself around. I want to get a big soft rug for the living room floor to make it a little softer for him but we are currently laying down a lot of blankets. He will often get on either his forearms or lift himself up on his feet. It looks and seems like he is very desperate to crawl and I think he will make a bit more progress on this soon. I might get Evie to crawl around in his view to maybe encourage him and so he can see what to do as he is getting so frustrated with not being able to move and get exactly where he wants to!

He can now pass objects from one hand to the other with ease and he will actively look for things that are moved or dropped. He is starting to become very interested in smaller details like zips and loves touching different textures, particularly the sofa cushions which are rougher than the rest of the sofa.

baby boy sitting supported with white and grey mamas and papas inflatable sit me up seat

He loves music! It can really help calm him down during the day and he really loves his more musical toys. Sometimes it’s helped drift him off to sleep. Anytime music plays he will turn towards it and be completely mesmerised, and that includes mine and Evie’s dodgy singing! He can also make himself heard and can be very vocal with his sounds and wails. He loves a little chatter in the morning and before bed which is very cute. He gives lots of smiles and giggles to Evie and most of the time seems pretty happy.

I love him so much. I love being a mum to two kids, more than I thought. It’s tested my patience of course but I find myself at times just soaking in the moments. I love watching them together, and a bond I didn’t really fully see coming. I love seeing Adam as a dad and getting involved and working hard to do so much for us all. Despite all the stuff going on with me mentally, life does feel good and I feel like I’m in a good place. I’m very excited about the next six months.

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