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Getting Started With Reusable Nappies

For #RealNappyWeek I am going to talk about how easy it is to get started with cloth nappies and give you some affiliate links on the things you can find and buy to make your experience using cloth nappies simple and easy. I want to stress that if you don’t know where to start with real nappies, it does not have to be all or nothing from day dot. You can slowly build up a collection. Just swapping one disposable a day for a cloth nappy will help save around 900 single use plastics going to landfill and that is amazing.

Find Out About Real Nappies

First thing I would say is to visit The Nappy Lady website where you can find out loads of useful information including a questionnaire on what nappy’s you might want to try first. It’s also got lots of instructional videos, advice, how to’s and benefits of using cloth.

Visit A Nappy Library

This is usually in places like children centres so it’s worth looking to see if there is a real nappy library in your area or close by. These often give out trial kits for you to try before you buy. It’s a great way to see them in use, get a feel for them. A quick search online or asking a local social media page might be a good place to start.

Check if your Local Authority offers a Real Nappy Incentive

If it does, this is great. It is usually a discount voucher, real nappy kit or subsidised voucher to help parents get started with cloth nappies. Some councils offer it as you will be naturally reducing or not putting out as much waste when using cloth.

Check Pre Loved, NCT, Selling Pages & Ebay for deals

Cloth nappies have an excellent resell value and buying them second hand can really help you build up a collection quickly for a fraction of the cost. I was able to get a bundle of all in ones, pockets, two parts and liners for just £15 on a local selling page in a variety of sizes which has massively helped with my son. You can strip them and give them a wash before storing them. When you’re done with them sell them on to make more space in your changing unit.

Check Local Supermarkets

Some supermarkets sell reusable nappies so to help you build up your stash you could consider adding one or two to your weekly or monthly shop to spread the cost if you want to buy new. Or you could consider just buying one or two a month when you can afford it from different providers until you find the right nappies for you.

Potty Training with Reusable Nappies

There are potty training pants available too for older toddlers that want to be constantly on the move. I know you might be thinking, why not just move to normal pants? If they’re reusable they’re going to wash better and hold accidents better as well as feel a bit more grown up for little ones. It also means not having to buy proper pants until they’re truly dry through the day. I remember potty training with Evie and we threw so many pairs of knickers away following accidents before going back to pull ups!

Reusable Swim Nappies

If you swim a lot with your baby you can spend a small fortune in disposable swim nappies. The designs on cloth swim nappies are super cute and will probably end up saving you money in the long run. Again I’ve seen this in supermarkets as well as online so they’re very accessible.

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