How We’re Using Cloth Nappies

We have been attempting to make lots of eco friendly changes to our family lifestyle and one of those has been using more Cloth nappies. Reusable nappies are so much easier to use than they used to be and we are still finding our feet with which works best when we’re at home, out and about and during the nighttime. We have now, however, built up a bit of a collection in various all-in-ones and pocket cloth nappies.

I’ve written about our changing table set up here. We’re using bamboo boosters and fleece liners alongside the nappies and they’re very easy to clean! You can use bamboo liners if you want which you should throw away and not flush despite many of them saying they’re flushable. A better way to deal with poop in cloth nappies is to simply hold them against the flush and sluice them off into the toilet before washing them.

There are so many great prints available too which makes cloth nappies really cute and actually quite lovely to see on a baby. I know when we’re n holiday or experiencing warmer weather letting Felix wonder around with a cloth bum is going to be a little cuter than the regular nappies and honestly it feels good to do something that I know is going to benefit the environment.

Cloth Nappy prints and colours

I know a lot of parents are concerned about the amount of washing when it comes to reusable nappies but it honestly hasn’t been a problem for us and usually do a wash of cloth nappies every three days or so. We are also using reusable wipes and I’m using cloth sanitary protection too so it makes sense to wash these all together and makes me feel like I’m not just putting on an extra load. Every other nappy wash we use the Dettol Laundry Cleanser just to give them a good clean and we always air dry our cloth nappies. Tumble Drying can affect the absorbency of them.

Most cloth nappies are best for babies around 8lb+ however there are plenty of companies that offer smaller, newborn sized nappies which are ideal for babies between 5lb-10lbs. We had a lovely set of these for Felix but as he was born at 9lb-9oz we didn’t get as much use out of them as we would have liked! The designs really grab me though I have to say, they’re so colourful! Tots Bots have a set of All In One nappies for smaller babies which are a great addition to hospital bags for those that want to cloth from day one.

There are lots of wonderful companies around featuring cloth nappies and I really recommend visiting a local nappy library to see if they offer any trials so you can find a good fit for you and your baby. It can get a little overwhelming at times. There are ones with velcro which are lovely and snug but as babies get older and they can undo the velcro they might not work as well. There are also nappies with poppers which I personally find a bit fiddly at times to get the right shape but they are fully versatile and will, hopefully, be harder for little ones to pop off when they get bigger.

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