Ideas for Your First Family Holiday

Your first family holiday is a big deal. Whether your family has recently expanded, or it’s been completed for a while, but you’ve been putting off taking a break due to budget or other concerns, planning your first family trip is incredibly exciting. But it’s also a little scary. You might still be worried about the costs, especially if you’ve got school-aged children and are tied to a break in the holidays. You might worry about being too far from home or coping without home comforts. You might not like the idea of going abroad where things will be different, and you might not be able to get the things that you need. Then, there’s air travel. The idea of flying with very young children is enough to give anyone cause to worry.

But, none of these things should put you off. There are plenty of solutions to these problems and lots of ways to have a fab family break. Let’s take a look at some cool ideas for your first family holiday.

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Stay Close to Home

The best part of a holiday isn’t some fancy location. It’s being with your family, without having to worry about work or chores. You certainly don’t need to go to the other side of the world to get that. If it makes you more comfortable, find somewhere closer to home. This will also save you money and make the journey much shorter. Start with a few days in the closest holiday destination, and build up to going further afield with each trip.

Stay with Family

Staying with family is a fantastic option if you know someone that lives near a beach or tourist hotspot. Staying with family means that you’ve still got home comforts, you’ve got help with the kids, and everything is more comfortable.

Alternatively, if you can’t stay with family, why not invite your parents on holiday with you? You’ll have some extra help and support, and the kids will love having more attention. You might even be able to sneak in a date night.


Flying can be stressful even on your own, so add young kids into the mix, and it can be a nightmare, especially if there are delays and queues. It can certainly be worth it if you are willing to brave the trip. But, if you’d rather not, or can’t, driving to somewhere in this country can be ideal. Driving has many advantages. It means you can take more luggage. You can travel in comfort. You can stop whenever you need to and that you’ll have your car with you for the rest of your trip, making sightseeing easier and giving you options in an emergency. If you need a new vehicle, check out for some ideas.

Head to Tourist Hotspots

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Avoiding tourist hotspots can be great. But, sometimes it’s better to stick to what you know, especially if you are going abroad with children. Tourist hotspots will be filled with people that speak English, products, and brands that you are used to and food that you know the kids will enjoy. Some tourist hotspots abroad are basically England with more sun. Take a look at for some ideas.

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