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Lost Boy By Christina Henry 3/52

A few years ago I read a book by author Christina Henry called Alice. It was brilliant. Lost Boy is another such book, an interesting interpretation of the original story of Captain Hook. I really enjoyed reading it and managed to finish it in about two days. It’s the sort of book I would recommend to those that enjoy fantasy books, particularly twisted tale style books and that don’t mind a bit of gore. The books are firmly for adults with some of the language used and content described despite being about a group of children.

I like Henry’s writing style. It’s really easy to read, interesting and makes you think a lot about these fairytale worlds we’ve been transported into and made into fluffy adaptations by Disney. It’s really fun to read a different type of tale from what we know, or think we know, with classic fairy tales and stories from our childhood. The speed in which I read the book speaks volumes I think as I couldn’t be distracted from it, except for my kids, and did not want to put it down.

Lost Boy is told from the perspective of Jamie, one of the original Lost Boys and what Peter Pan is really like. It’s full of fights with pirates, the threat of the Many Eyed and what happens when the dynamic of a group changes completely. It’s quite surprising in places actually and Jamie is a really likeable character. It’s always very strange reading the original hero as a type of villian actually and that’s why I really like her books. They just change and alter that perspective and make you think “what if” a little bit more. I always like reading books that challenge our original thoughts and ideas of what we think we know.

Lost Boy Book, alternative story of Peter Pan, Book Review

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One of my goals for 2019 is to read 52 books or around one a week. Some might be new, some are ones I’ve had for a while or been meaning to read, some I haven’t quite finished yet and some will be recommendations from others. You can see all the books I’ve read so far on my Good Reads 2019 Reading Challenge.

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