Making Plans for 2019

With a new year we often want to start making new plans. This could be anything from moving home, a new hobby or a holiday. I like creating my goals lists so I have some focus on what I’m doing with my blog and home too. I find this really helpful.

Some people, however, might want to look at starting a business or turning their hobby into a business but might be lacking the funds to do so. This year I am planning on making more money as well as paying off more debt so that I can be more financially free and I am glad my business did not require much investment to start as I already had an established blog and following. However, for others that are more creative and make products a small business loan might be a better option if funds are low.

I have recently seen so many small businesses creep up for homemade clothing, resuable wipes, eco friendly kits and journals which is amazing however they all had to start somewhere and that start often requires money. When it comes to loans you always need to make sure you can afford the monthly repayments and don’t borrow what you can’t afford to pay back. The first year of business is usually quite tough if you’re starting completely from scratch.

When it comes to changing a hobby to a business and you already have a bit of a following getting your audience on board is usually a great idea and can really help give you some feedback. You will usually have your first customers or consumers from your following too and the best part is you probably already have your ideal customer which, hopefully, means that you wont make a loss in your first year of business.

I think changing things up each year is healthy as long as you do it with care, consideration and responsibly.

*Collaborative Post

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