Top 7 Things To Organise For Your First Couples Holiday

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So you’ve decided to go on your first holiday together as a couple. A scary but exciting time, there are certain things that you need to organise in advance and keep in mind while you’re away. A time when you’ll see your partner in a new light and spend every moment with them, it’s important that head off on your getaway with optimistic thoughts.

A big step to take, you want your holiday to be unforgettable – no matter where you’re planning on going. To help you through this process, below are the top 7 things that you should prepare ahead of your holiday:

Research Destinations 

No longer will you book a holiday that’s just to your taste – now you have to have your partner’s opinions and preferences in mind. When booking your first holiday, it’s a good idea to sit down together and go through several options, comparing and contrasting them based on price.

Not many new couples will opt for a destination that’s far away – simply a few hours on the plane or less. However, this will depend, of course, on each couple’s tastes. With so many luxury adult-only holidays and couple-friendly destinations out there, you’re bound to find one that you both love.

Look At Hotels/Airbnb’s

Once you’ve both set your mind on a destination, it’s time to look at hotels and other accommodation options. 

As it’s your first holiday away, there’s no doubt that you will want a nice place to stay. But it doesn’t have to cost you the world. So before you book, make sure you research the various options available in the location.

By compromising and gaging each other’s opinions, you’ll get a good idea as to which hotel, Airbnb, etc. is the most suitable for your getaway. Do you want a pool? Are you both gym enthusiasts? Do you want accommodation which is next to the city centre? All of these things should be considered throughout this stage.

Book Your Flight

When you’ve got your hotel in check, start to look at different flight options. By using airline’s websites and comparison sites such as Skyscanner, you’ll be able to find flights that fit within your budget. Ensuring that they are at reasonable times and at the appropriate airports for your destinations, this is a crucial step that needs your attention.

When booking a flight, you also need to ensure that the outbound airport is within easy reach of both of your houses and that you’re aware of how you’ll get there on the day.

Look at Exciting Experiences 

This is where the dreaded word ‘compromise’ once more comes into play. As a new couple, you’re still at the stage that involves finding experiences that you both enjoy – and the same applies to a getaway. When researching the destination, look at what experiences it has to offer.

Do you both like adrenaline activities? Then why not book a parasailing experience. Prefer to relax and unwind? Then see if there is a spa nearby. During this stage, you want to find a destination that has a bit of everything – to ensure that you both have the best holiday possible.

Search for Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Ok, so this might also be done in the research stage, but it’s nonetheless important to mention. Before getting to your destination, consider researching what restaurants, cafes and bars are on offer nearby. There’s no worse feeling than arriving at a destination and realising that it has no amenities within easy reach – especially when you’re on your first holiday together.

So to ensure that this doesn’t happen, do some research beforehand. By listing various options and making reservations, you will have the peace of mind that everything is organised ahead of time. 

As with all of the other options, however, it’s worth sitting down with your partner and comparing the offerings before reserving anything – it’s both of your holidays after all. 

Sort Out Travel Money 

When heading off on your holiday you need travel money to fund meals out, activities, souvenirs, etc. But this can seem like an extremely daunting prospect when it’s your first holiday away. So to ease the stress, consider budgeting out the money in advance, seeing how much you should both need. 

As mentioned below, it’s a good idea to both exchange the same amount of money if possible – to save for any awkward paying situations. Even if your partner treats you at home, it’s worth splitting everything so that you both know that you’ve contributed to the costs whilst you’re away.

Arrange Travel Insurance 

Even though this might seem awkward to arrange at first, it’s a vital stage in the process. By looking online at different providers you can compare different quotes for travel insurance – paying attention to whether they cover things such as 24/7 emergency assistance, cancellation, delays, pre-existing medical conditions, etc. 

Once you’ve typed in how long you need the insurance for, as well as how much cover you require, you’ll be able to find various options. Alternatively, you can use a single provider – such as insure4less

What to Remember When You’re Away

Your holiday is fast approaching. And whilst sharing every moment with your new partner is exciting, there are certain things that you need to remember when you’re away. 

It’s your first holiday, after all – so you want to both enjoy yourselves whilst knowing that you aren’t expecting too much from one another. 

Don’t Demand High Standards

It’s a fact of life that people will act differently on holiday; away from their everyday setting, it’s their time to relax, unwind and explore a new place. So when you head off, don’t demand high standards from your partner. 

With the expectation that you’ll talk all the time and have fun every moment you both won’t enjoy your holiday to the fullest. So it’s worth sitting back and managing your expectations before you get there. 

Don’t Fill The Schedule 

Even though during your first holiday you want to see and do as much as possible, it won’t make the holiday enjoyable. So instead of filling your schedule with activities, plan days that have a bit of relaxation and experiences. By splitting the holiday in this way, you’ll be able to have a fantastic holiday, without feeling that you’ve not had any time to unwind. 

A tight schedule might also cause one of you to get frustrated, resulting in negative vibes between you. So to prevent this from happening, try and go with the flow and experience the destination in a way that you both enjoy.

Take Care of Each Other 

When you’re away, there’s a chance that one of you might get ill. Whether it’s with food poisoning or another illness, it’s important that you look after each other and to realise that your partner is only human. Now, this might seem like the obvious thing to do, but it’s worth a mention. 

To ensure that you’re both prepared for any sickness, it’s advisable to purchase medications before your getaway. 

Spend Time Alone As A Couple

During your first holiday, it’s essential that you spend quality time together. From a romantic meal to a river cruise or another activity, it’s worth planning experiences that involve some alone time. 

Split The Costs

As aforementioned, it’s worth sorting out your budget and your money before you get to your destination. By splitting the costs, there will be no negative thoughts that one of you has spent more than the other. It’s an equal holiday, so you should both put some money into the ‘pot’ once you’ve exchanged it. 

You can then have your own money that you can spend on any souvenirs whilst you’re away – without thinking that you or you’re partner has technically purchased them. 

Limit The Alcohol

When you’re on holiday, you might want a drink here and there. But to experience the destination to the full you don’t want to be drinking all of the time. It’s easy to head to the bar every night – especially if you’ve opted for an all-inclusive hotel. 

However, if you drink every day, you’ll wake up each morning feeling groggy and in a bad mood. You’ll then not feel like exploring and could get in arguments with your partner – so nip this in the bud and try and limit your alcohol intake. 


And now is perhaps the most vital thing to remember – relax! Yes, it’s scary to go away with someone new, but it doesn’t have to be full of stress and worry. It’s a holiday that you should both enjoy and experience together. Creating wonderful memories that you’ll never forget, it will be a learning curve. 

A time to discover new things about each other, you will be able to go on your next holiday knowing what a holiday with them is like. Plus, if something doesn’t go to plan, you’ll recognise that this is just a fact of life – no holiday is perfect, but your first holiday together is certainly one to remember no matter what the outcome.

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