luxury adult only holidays

Luxury Adult Only Holidays

Luxury Adult Only holidays is the dream right? Despite having a child at home Adam and I have had a few adult only holidays. These have mostly been in the form of cruises or weekend city breaks. Now with a second child on the way it may be a little harder to get that luxury adult only holiday in however maybe in the future we will be able to take advantage of another trip. Destination to have a great range of holiday such as Luxury Adult Only Holidays 2018/2019 – Adult Only Holiday Deals and these showcase everything that I want in a luxury adult only trip.

Benefits of Luxury Adult Only Holidays

  1. Child free! This doesn’t just mean your own children but it means avoiding a resort designed for families.
  2. Focus on what you want to do. Lounging by the pool, an exploration excursion or just having a lay in and late lunch.
  3. Wine o’clock. A chance to let your hair down and enjoy a cocktail or two without worrying about parenting and the possibility of a hangover.
  4. Sleeping in. Kids wake up early on holiday and like to stay up late – often resulting in overtired kids which really isn’t a fun experience!
  5. Going for luxurious experiences like hiring a nice car or using a luxury car service from

honeymoon glasses of champagne

A holiday is for you as well and as parents we often forget that we are completely allowed to take a break too. There are so many beautiful destinations to explore and plenty of exclusive for adults resorts around the world. There are loads of great places I’d love to take my kids too but there will always be a part of me that wants to experience a holiday that is, actually, all about me. One thing I would love is a honeymoon in an exotic destination like the Bahamas or Cuba. Beautiful white sands, lots to see and explore, amazing food and it just speaks to me as the ultimate in luxury. Friends have also recommended Mexico as a perfect destination for a luxury break as a couple. Part of me wishes we had escaped one last time whilst I was pregnant to have that holiday together as our trip to Norway seems like forever ago now.

For me, luxury adult only holidays should include a big comfortable bed with fresh sheets and a pool side balcony. I’d love a big Jacuzzi style bathtub and stunning sea views. All inclusive is something I really want to take advantage of as my partner and I love to sample all sorts of food when away from home and that of course also means a view cocktails whilst taking in the sights. We love to get out and about and explore which can be quite hard to do with children in tow, so I’d love to take advantage of some interesting excursions like scuba diving. I have a feeling our luxury adults only holiday is quite a way yet but in the meantime I can totally dream about it!

What makes a luxury adults only holiday for you? Would you still go away as a couple after having children? 

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