world of final fantasy review

World of Final Fantasy Review

I love video games and I especially love the Final Fantasy series. During September I loved playing 13 and 13-2 again to get me back into things with the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 being released at the end of the month. However, in the middle of all this I had to get myself the day one edition of World of Final Fantasy.

World of Final Fantasy is a little different from the conventional games but it really reminds me of Kingdom Hearts with it’s style, character animation and original worlds and stories with the mash up of Final Fantasy characters. The key difference being that this follows the active time battle combat system that we’re used to seeing in Final Fantasy games.

The whole thing is really very cute. The characters can turn from Jiants to Lillikins which are chibi style animations. Even the monsters, known as Mirages, are cute. The game starts in Nine Wood Hills were twins Reyn and Lann finding out they are Mirage keepers and that they can head out into the world of Grymoire to collect Mirages to help them battle. The gameplay is pretty straight forward, simple and, in my eyes, classic to the older Final Fantasy games. Throughout the story we come to know characters from the older games and visit places that are familiar to those that are fans of the series.

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However, World of Final Fantasy is perfect for those that are a little younger and new to the series. The gameplay is very straightforward, the combat can be sped up or left at a pretty slow pace whilst learning the controls and the story is fairly lighthearted but with a darker plot being layered throughout. Evie and I have both really enjoyed playing the game and collecting lots of different Mirages.

One thing I really liked about this game was the addition of Anime style cut scenes, it was a really nice touch and made them really enjoyable to sit and watch. True to the franchise, there are a lot of cut scenes, some being fairly lengthy so it’s great to see these a little differently. I also really liked the addition of the Post Script – to avoid spoilers, I won’t go into it too much but when you think you’ve finished, you actually haven’t! Start to finish the game can easily rack up around 40 hours however, there are many mini adventures, a Colosseum and extra dungeons to complete where level grinding becomes necessary. This can extend gameplay by a fair few 20+ hours so expect a lot from this game. I found later on in the game a Multiplayer option was added which I’ve not tried yet but I think it’s a nice add on.

Overall World of Final Fantasy is a fun, relatively straight forward adventure for all to enjoy. World of Final Fantasy is available on Playstation 4 and PS Vita

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