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Things to do in Stavanger, Norway

On our recent cruise along the Norwegian Fjords we visited four ports all with plenty of different things to offer. Our first port of call was Stavanger, a large city with a big harbour for cruise ships like ours was. Stavanger is nicknamed the Oil Capital of Norway because of the boom the country experienced when the Oil Fields in the Norwegian Sea and North Sea were found. Here are a few things you can do whilst in Stavanger to make the most of your time visiting this city. It’s key to note that Norway is really expensive, so if you aren’t cruising like we were and had all our food included, bare this in mind. You’ll need a lot of spending money.

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Coming into Stavanger is just beautiful when approaching by boat. Plenty of little islands and mountain backdrops surround the city. It’s completely different to being on the south coast of England which is why we went there in the first place, to experience something completely new.

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If you are cruising I really do recommend booking one of the excursions as it is a great way to see much more of Norway than staying in the city centre, however if you would prefer to do it yourself then here are a few things you can book alone.

  1. Visit the Norwegian Petroleum Museum
  2. Visit Stavanger Cathedral
  3. Cruise through the Lysefjord
  4. Visit Swords in Rock
  5. Olre Holmegate – really colourful street in the centre that takes you down to the waterfront
  6. Go on a boat tour
  7. See the pulpit rock

stavanger cathedral

Each of these attractions comes at a cost but really do help to make the most of your trip in Stavanger and will help to keep the kids entertained. A lot of the guides are English speaking or have an option for you to listen to an English speaking guide. If you do want to wonder around the city there are plenty of historical buildings to see. Museums are not free to enter like they are here so bare in mind that you can’t just walk in and visit. Also bare in mind that visiting public toilets requires, typically, 10 Norwegian Kroner. Some may take a Euro. Some however, might not take cash, and will require you to pay for using the facilities by credit card.

stavanger, norway, things to see in Norway

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