reusables & subscriptions that prevent the need for stockpilling

we have all seen no doubt the devestating images of vulnerable, elderly and emergency worker photographs trying to shop from empty shelves in supermarkets. grocery stores and supermarkets are trying to put measures in place to prevent stockpilling but it’s got out of hand. we have been told that there is enough for everyone but yet people are panic buying all sorts of weird things.

i understand in times of panic the need to control something, anything and perhaps this is why so many are stockpilling. the uncertainty, unknown prospects for the next 12 weeks is concerning however we really don’t need to be preventing the vulnerable from getting their basic shop. i have had plenty of worries and anxieties during this.

if you have excess supply of anything or more than your family needs please consider donating any of the following items to your local food bank, shelter, refuge or making care packages for vulnerable people:

  • sanitary and/or incontinence protection
  • personal hygiene products particularly soap
  • nappies and formula
  • tins of anything
  • uht longlife milk
  • biscuits
  • easter eggs
  • packeted products like noodles, soups and pasta

do not take advantage during this time. people are being made redundent, work places are closing, people are vulnerable, scared and many are losing money. be kind.

if you are in a position of priviledge and able to change how you shop i have a few suggestions of reusables and subscriptions that are helping me and my family during this time of uncertanty.

  • reusable wipes. we use cheeky wipes personally which are great. they have a backlog at the moment but they are worth it. they will save you quite possibly hundreds in pounds on wet wipes in the long run. theres a video below in how to use cheeky wipes. they’re much better at cleaning babies up than regular wet wipes. they will save you money. they will reduce your plastic waste. alternatively, you can cut up old towels, flannels or make your own if you can sew.
  • reusable nappies. try switching out one disposable for a reusable each day. these can be bought second hand on ebay, facebook groups and you might find some great deals on cloth nappies right now. we have a great stash of these including tots bots, baba + boo, bambino mio, tickle tots and close pop-ins. i’ve written up a bit more about cloth nappies and how we use them here.
  • cloth sanitary protection. this is also known to some as csp. other options of reusable period protection include menstural cups and discs. put a cup in it has a great quiz to find out what might be the best fit. i get most of my cloth protection from etsy.

subscriptions that are helping me feed my family

get £20 off with hello fresh – this is a box we are buying weekly. it’s currently costing us around £35 a week for 4 meals for 4 people. there is enough food from this box for us to make leftovers which are substantial meals for lunch. there are plenty of options, fresh vegetables and we are trying lots of new recipes especially now i have the time to cook. i have a referral code which gives you £20 off your first box. you can sign up to hello fresh here.

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