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when your fat but you want sustainable period protection

one thing i have seen really paving the way for sustainability is period protection. there is more being done to make it affordable and help eliminate period poverty, companies are speaking to activists about making disposables plastic free and there are more choices which are becoming available to all menstruators which is great.

i got my period at 11 years old and the option was plastic pads or tampons. i didn’t like the idea of tampons because toxic shock syndrome fear was drummed into me and my mum used pads so naturally i used pads. i had really heavy periods that lasted the full 7 days in a month at first so i went on the pill to try and control them as well as having perscriped painkillers to deal with the cramps which kept me off school from time to time. there are now loads of great things about periods including books, protection subscriptions and campaigns for eco friendly plastic free period protection.

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when i got the implant after my daughter was born my periods vanished and so did my period protection. however, after having my implant removed and of course having my son, i didn’t want to go back on the implant and instead i started looking into plastic free period protection.

so far i have learned about cups, discs, period pants, plastic free disposables and cloth reusables. after felix was born i used disposable maternity pads but for each period since i’ve used cloth sanitary protection and have a really nice stash of pretty pads to bleed onto every month. i’m learning more about my cycle, doing regular pelvic floor exercises (thirties plus pregnancy means it’s a must) and still researching other methods because i still have a heavy period, i’d like it to be a bit more mess free and i really like the idea of using a disc but as a fat person with short fingers i’m not sure i can.

and then there is period pants. i want high waisted knickers please. midi briefs constantly ride up under my overhang and rub and irritate my now twice opened c-section scar. i want them up and over. i’m yet to find decent period pants that are for a size 24/26 – please reccomend some if you know.

there is a cup with a long stem and ring pull which looks promising but i’m not sure i’ll work well with a cup. i have tried and inserting it was just difficult and left me frustrated. so i’m currently looking into using a menstural disc but i don’t know if i’ll be able to use one and get it in position properly. it’s really frustrating.

i like the thought of a disc because it sits higher than a cup so hopefully i won’t feel it but i can’t actually reach my cervix so i’m not sure i’ll be able to reach the pubic bone to tuck the disc behind. i would be happy to hear any recommendations!

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